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Will you be going back to the High Street in April?

Will you be going back to the High Street in April?

Will you be going back to the High Street in April? I will as I cannot wait to get back to normal whatever the new normal will be. I have really missed the whole retail experience. Being able to touch, feel, and see, what I am buying means so much to me. As I have said before the colours online do not always look the same as in person. This was the reason why I decided not to take my business online. I have an  example in a blog a wrote about a red jumper that I ordered online and how different the colour looked in the flesh. I also love going out with a friend having a look around the shops and not necessarily buying anything. Stopping for a coffee or lunch and having a nice girly time.

Will you be going back to the High Street in April?

Following on from last week’s blog where you were freeing yourself from clutter and spring cleaning your wardrobe. You may now have some gaps you would like to fill. Perhaps you have had to let go certain items that were past their sell by date and you now need to replace a few things. You can look online from the comfort of your home to get an idea for what is available, but I will wait until the shops open next month before I buy. Most sites have a “New In” section which is always nice to look in as these items are fresh.

Yet we do not know what the retail shops will be doing with all their stock, as they have been closed since mid-December. Will they hold all their winter stock till next year, or will they all have huge sales? Going into Spring will people want to be buying winter clothes even if they are discounted? It must be a huge dilemour for the retailers and a cost to keep stock in a warehouse it will be interesting to see what they do.

Will you be going back to the High Street in April?

Whether you decide to go back to the shops or not is a personal decision, I guess we have all got used to doing our own risk assessment before venturing out. I am fortunate to be having my vaccine on 13th March and so I will have some protection by then, but I can understand why some people may not be ready to take the plunge. Whatever your situation I think it is important to buy what you need rather than just what you see. (Unless of course money is no object). If you are buying for an occasion it is always nice to know that you will be able to wear that dress again. This will differ of course if you are a follower of fashion and have to have the most up to date fashion piece.

Have a look at what you have in your spring wardrobe.

It will not be long now before we will be able to put away our thick winter jumpers and wearing lighter clothes, perhaps in layers. If you have a favourite pair of jeans you like, you could purchase a new top, blouse, shirt, or summer weight jumper to wear with them. This would not be a large investment, but it would give you a boost and something new to wear when we come out of lockdown. I love the feeling of wearing something new, it gives me a lift which is something we all need now.

Choose something in a colour that lifts your spirits and that you know suits you. Take some inspiration from nature when looking for colour combinations, there are so many lovely colours out there now. With mothering Sunday around the corner, there are lots of gift ideas out there, you may get some ideas for a gift to yourself.

If money is tight you do not have to buy new.

I guess that the Charity Shops will open shortly too, and if people have been at home for a while, they too may have been doing some decluttering. I think that the charity shops will have a lot of donations to go through so there might well be some bargains to be had. otherwise, there is always sites like eBay and Vinted that are always advertising as somewhere to sell unwanted clothes which will be worth having a look at.

Many people pass on clothes before they are worn out, and often still with the labels on. They may have changed their mind after buying but not bothered to return them. Perhaps they can no longer fit into them anymore. Or perhaps they have just fallen out of love with them. I think it is a fantastic idea to pass them on and let someone else enjoy them. This way you can often buy an item that you would not normally have been able to afford at the full price. I have a couple of jackets that I bought from a dress agency. One is a Valentino which I would never have been able to buy new. It is a classic and been in my wardrobe for many years.

The High Street will look different.

With so many shops no longer trading the High Street is going to look different and take a while to recover. I guess shopping how we knew it before, is going to be different. Either way it will be nice to be able to go out, meet friends again and start to get back to normal whatever the new normal will be. I think it is important to took forward, the weather will be getting warmer and we can now plan a few things for later in the year to look forward too.

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2 thoughts on “Will you be going back to the High Street in April?

  1. I can’t wait to go back, like you! Nothing beats a browse and I’m sure the high street will readjust quickly. Where there’s demand there will be supply.

    I’ll be consciously supporting small shops and suppliers, local markets and Etsy. Definitely back in the agencies and charity shops.

    See you there!

    1. Me too Rosemary. I can’t wait to get to some sort of the new normal. I am sure the high street will adapt as quickly as they can. There used to be lots of small boutiques around so perhaps they will return.

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