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“Empowering women to find their own unique style and become the best version of themselves using colour, that makes them look good and feel good too.”

Would you like to look years younger and pounds slimmer?
You can do so by wearing the most flattering colours for your skin tone

When you open your wardrobe door what do you see?
Is it all black and grey or do you enjoy wearing colour?

What are your clothes saying about you?
The first few seconds of meeting someone new they will have made an assumption of you.  As a colour and style coach I can show you which colours will bring out the best in you and how to avoid the colours that drag you down.

Colours also have energies so wearing a negative colour will have a negative effect on the way you feel.

The good news is we can all wear almost any colour.  It is the undertone or intensity that makes the difference.

You wear the clothes – The clothes should not wear you.
Knowledge buys a well-dressed person – NOT MONEY!!

As a Colour and Style Coach  I would like to give you the tools that will give you the confidence to look and feel amazing.  After a consultation with me you will understand which colours work best for you, giving you that great first impression.  Colour and Style once you know what works for you, is  so easy,  you will need to buy less clothes and make more outfits.  Shopping is so much easier as you know what colour and style to look for,  so you wear all of your wardrobe.

Looking good has never felt so good!

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“I was totally blown away with the colour results that best suit me, they are very different to the colours I have chosen for years off the Peg! I carry my handy little swatches in my handbag and use them when ever I make a purchase. Your styling tips have come in handy too, I must say I am enjoying the kind compliments from friends, family and business colleagues.

I highly recommend a session with Sandra, she will leave you feeling amazing.”

Jo Theobald, Maldon Essex


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