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My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping

Personally, I am not a lover of online shopping. There is nothing I like better than going shopping for some retail therapy.  We usually make an event of it and go with a friend, browse around the shops stop for coffee and lunch and enjoy a real girly day. Many of us has been forced to shopping online as they are shielding and not wanting to go into shops.  Here are my reasons why I hate online clothes shopping.

My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping


My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping
My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping
My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping
My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping











My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping

Above left is a jumper that I ordered from Marks & Spencer and as you can see from the screen shot from their website is looks a lovely warm red with a yellow undertone. This colour will work perfectly with my warm skin tone. The picture on the right is the jumper that arrived. As you can see it is a dark burgundy red with a blue undertone that will work well with a cool skin tone. How can it be so different I do not know? This has happened to me on so many occasions now that it puts me off ordering online. Yes, you can return items, but is time consuming.

This was the main reason for not doing online colour sessions

I love what I do, and I am really missing seeing my clients for 1-2-1 Colour Consultations. So, decided not to take my business online as the colours do look different on every kind of device. One morning in my zoom Pilates session my teacher says, “Sandra what a lovely yellow top you are wearing today” (but really it was lime green). How could that be so wrong? For me colour is especially important in any garment and that I prefer to see it in the flesh before I buy.

My reasons why I hate online clothes shopping

Another reason why it is nice to see the garment in the flesh is I like to feel the fabric. Last week when I was looking for a Christmas sweatshirt I found one in Tu in Sainsburys. It was described as “Christmas Cream Flock Reindeer Print Sweatshirt”. Fortunately, I read the reviews before ordering as it turns out it was not a sweatshirt at all, but a weight of a long-sleeved t/shirt. For the time being I am afraid this is the way it must be and at least we are able to return if the item is not suitable.

Shopping in Store

Shopping in store now is not very entertaining either. Wearing a mask and trying to keep away from people is not easy. The shops have low stock levels and the whole experience is not pleasurable. You must feel very sorry for the retailers as they have had a very tough year. Some of my favourite brands have not survived and the future looks very uncertain. I have tried to support some of the independent traders like myself who all do a happy dance when they get an order!

Do we need the number of clothes that we have?

I have noticed that I am not wearing the number of clothes that I used to when I was out there living my normal life. Personally, I choose not to live in track bottoms and a hoody. If you are not going anywhere, you do need less clothes. During the lockdown periods I have also done a lot of decluttering. Now I have less clothes in my wardrobe which makes getting dressed so much easier when you less choices. One thing I have learnt this year is that I need less clothes. You can make more outfits out of the clothes that I do have if you mix things around. Try using different accessories to get a different look.  This also comes from someone who has always been a shopaholic!   2020 has been a learning curve for me.

What will 2021 bring?

No one knows what next year will be like, I think the next few months will be tough, and then hopefully things will start to get better. I am aiming to get back to work around Easter if it is safe to do so.

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