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Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe?
Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe? Would you buy today what you have in your wardrobe? That’s an interesting question and depends on how much you are hanging onto. Do you regularly cull your wardrobe of items that no longer bring you joy? Or are you someone who hangs onto things as you just cannot let things go.

Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

This is a very interesting exercise as it will highlight what is not serving you any longer, and perhaps you now maybe able to let them go. You might find some gems that you had forgotten you had. What happens if you have too many clothes crammed into your wardrobe you cannot see what you do have.

Personally, I have lost some weight recently and when I got out my holiday clothes, I found a few bits that were too tight last year, but now fit perfectly. We are going on a cruise next week and I am looking at what to take and am so pleased I can wear these bright red palazzo pants that have been too tight in recent years.  I had not let them go because I loved them so much but now they fit so much better. So, what shall I style them with? I plan to take two tops to go with these and that takes care of two evenings.

How can you restyle what you already have?

Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe.
Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe.

Sometimes it might just be a case of changing the accessories. If you have a plain navy or black dress you can add some bright accessories, statement neckless, shoes and handbag. The basics in my wardrobe I tend to keep for several years and then I can add some new current items to bring my outfit up to date. Here is a top I have bought recently as there are lots like this on the high street and I thought I could update my look. This one is from Marks & Spencer and retails at £25.00 and it looks fab with my red palazzo pants but as you can see here it is worn with shorts. I can think of lots of things in my wardrobe can wear this with.

Take one of your favourite pieces and look for several things in your wardrobe you can wear with it. It is important to have clothes that you can mix and match and wear with several pieces. We are looking to get lots of wear from each item.

When you are looking at that investment piece that costs a little more than you would normally spend, you can look at the price per wear to help you make that choice.

Look at the items you would not buy again.

Why would you not buy them today?

  • Has your style changed?
  • Items no longer fit you.
  • They are in the wrong style or colour.
  • They do not bring your joy.
  • They are past their best.

Perhaps now might be the time to let some of these things go. Or perhaps you can re-purpose some items, if you are good with the sewing machine. If they are still in good condition you could sell them on Vinted or eBay or just hand them to a charity and let someone else enjoy wearing them.

Have you thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

I think this exercise is interesting as we all have things in our wardrobes that are unworn as most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. So, what happens to the other 80%? That is your decision, yes sure there will be lots of these items that you need to have in your wardrobe for those occasions that are not every day but hopefully this process will get you thinking.


I think we need to go through our wardrobe regularly checking what we have. How many times have you come home with something new only to find you already have something similar already in the wardrobe. If you knew what was in there in the first place this would not happen. Also, you would know where the gaps are and wanted you needed to buy and replace. I hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know how you get on and leave me a comment.


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