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What will you be wearing when you are allowed out?

What will you be wearing when you are allowed out?
What will you be wearing when you are allowed out?

Yes, this is an interesting concept. What will you be wearing when you are allowed out? It will be warmer and spring like so you will need lighter clothes perhaps. Now is the time to sort through your spring clothes and see what you have.

What will you be wearing when you are allowed out?

Unpack your spring wardrobe and firstly check your key items like for arguments sack your white jeans. These are a key staple in your wardrobe that you wear every year, and you may have to replace them from time to time. Check to see.

  • They still fit you.
  • There are not stains that cannot be removed.
  • You still love them.
  • Or they are looking tatty.

You may want to upcycle them, dying them, making them into shorts or a skirt or passing them on. If not, you can put them on your list of new things you need to purchase. Jeans are now coming in all shapes you do not only have to have skinny jeans as wide leg, boot cut, mum jeans are also all on trend.

What will you be wearing when you are allowed out?

If they are good to go, wash and iron them ready to wear when the weather changes. You can go through your wardrobe like this and start putting the lighter clothes into your wardrobe and putting away your heavy jumpers. When transitioning from one season to other layers are the way to. I love to do this as it always gives you an option to remove something if you get too hot, but I hate being cold.

Do you have any Spring dresses that you could layer up? I love to do this with a button through dress. Here is a blog that shows how you could wear this in several ways. You can layer it up with a roll neck jumper or long-sleeved top, or if it is a bit warmer a vest top. You could add a pair of leggings or skinny jeans underneath to add warmth. It is about getting as many outfits as possible out of one item and styling them different ways and being able to wear them in several seasons.

What will you be wearing when you are allowed out?

What you want to do is firstly replace what you need to, before just buying anything for the sake of having something new to wear. You may have replaced the white skinny jeans with a boot cut pair, but you will have things in your wardrobe that you can wear with them. so, I think it is important to find out what you need first.

As yet we don’t know what will be available in the shops as last time, they were open they would have had winter stock. Will that have been shipped off to a warehouse somewhere to be replaced with spring items? Or will the shops be full of sale goods? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Check online for their spring stock.

Most of the online stores have a section for “NEW IN” This is the section, I always go to first. If you are unsure how to put items together in this section they have usually styled it up for you. With your list look to see if you can find the things that you need, and you will get some ideas on how to put an outfit together. Another thing to do for inspiration is to look at celebrities or people in the public eye who you admire. I used to love the way Lady Diana used to dress and would get ideas from her. She had some lovely dresses, but she was also a particularly good casual dresser too.

Support the independent retailers.

Where at all possible I like to support the small independent retailers like myself and recently I came across On here are small companies selling their own clothes and there are some nice original pieces that you will not see anywhere else. And you are supporting a small business. They also have 15% of this weekend (12 & 13th March). You  can also subscribe to get 10% off.

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