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Is Spring just around the corner?

Is Spring really just around the corner?
Is Spring really just around the corner?

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with this weather. It is too cold wet and windy, and I cannot wait for the weather to break. We have been lucky and had a mild winter, but it must go now. Is Spring just around the corner? Looking at this picture I took this week I think we do not have too long to wait.  I want to get out of my thick jumpers into some spring clothes. How about you?

Is Spring just around the corner?

This time of year, as it starts to get warmer, and we start think about holidays and warmer times. I start to thinking about spring cleaning, and part of that process is also some decluttering. As you move the furniture around you find things lurking, magazines to re-cycle, papers to file and general tiding up. Looking out at the garden you can see all the shrubs that need cutting back, roses to prune and the lawn to cut. For me this is a great time of year as I know I have the whole of Spring and Summer to look forward too.

It could be time to start thinking about de-cluttering your wardrobe.

I am a great hoarder and find it difficult to let go of things, and yet I also love to buy new things.  The aim for me is to work on a one in, one out policy, but I still have things that I hold onto in case I have an occasion to wear them. Try asking why would I have clothes in my wardrobe that I do not wear? We all want a wardrobe to be full of clothes that you love and love wearing.

So where do you start?

As it is still early to put away all our warm clothes, I would look to cull anything that I have not worn in this cold season. Warm items that I have not worn for whatever reason. They may be worn out, the wrong size, or perhaps you may have replaced them but just not thrown away yet.

Before you let something go, see if you can find another use for it, or style it in another way. In a previous  Blog I wrote about how you can re-style clothes that you are no longer wearing. Here are some ideas on how you can change the use of a blouse or your jeans. I also have a page on my Pinterest with some ideas on how to re-use things that you don’t wear into something that you will.

Most ladies wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.

How do you let things go?

It’s all very well saying you need to de-clutter; you need to streamline what clothes you have, but how do you do that if you still love the things that you have. Firstly, I think that you need to look at what you do have. You may be surprised when you take everything out the volume of clothes you have. You may find that you have several pairs of jeans or black trousers and how many of each do you need? If something does not bring you joy by making you look and feel fabulous then it must go. Ask yourself these questions?

  • Do I love it or is it outdated?
  • Is this something useful that I want to keep?
  • Is it in one of my colours or styles that suit my figure?
  • Would you buy this item again?
  • Am I holding onto this because of the memory it holds?

Start wearing your unworn clothes or let them go.

One person’s casts offs are another person’s gem. Just because it no longer fits you, or you do not have a use for it, does not mean it has to be thrown away. Charity shops are always happy to take clothes that still have some life left in them. Alternatively, you can sell them yourself on eBay or similar sights and get something towards you buying something new. Sort your clothes into piles of

  • Donate to a charity shop.
  • Sell online via eBay, Vinted, or similar.
  • Pass onto a friend.
  • Rubbish

Start wearing your everything that you have in your wardrobe.

You need to let go of the emotional attachment to the clothes. I have known some clients to take photographs to remind them of items they could not let go of. Others to store clothes that no longer fit them away in a case in the hope that if they lose weight, they can retrieve them. I never think that is a good idea but if that is what you would like to do, and they are taken out of the main wardrobe it is an option. My question to you would be why are you so attached to something that no longer serves you?

The advantages of a slimline wardrobe

  • It is easier to see what you do have.
  • Streamlined wardrobe
  • A wardrobe of clothes that you love and love wearing.
  • You are wearing everything you have in your wardrobe.
  • You have room to add to new items.

Free yourself of clutter and spring clean your wardrobe.

De-cluttering is very therapeutic, it is like clearing your mind, making space for new things to come in. They say if you are looking to embrace a new romance into your life clear a space for his clothes in the wardrobe! Less clothes in your wardrobe makes it easier to get dressed each day and it means you are always wearing one of your favourite outfits.

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