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Are you returning to the office and need some workwear?

Are returning to the office to work after having spent the last two years working from home? If you are, your wardrobe might need some updating.  So many of us have been working from home and therefore had no need to dress for work. Perhaps you have been sitting at your computer in your track bottoms with no need for office wear. Returning to the office your wardrobe may need some updating.

Are you returning to the office and need some workwear?
Are you returning to the office and need some workwear?

Are you returning to the office and need some workwear?

If you read last week’s blog about de-cluttering, you may know which key items you need to replace this season. It is not about buying a whole new wardrobe, but just injecting a few new key pieces to update what you already have. Here I have chosen a jacket Military Tailored Blazer from Lipsy. I have chosen a nice bright colour, but it does come in a choice of 11 of colours to suit all tastes. This I found on the Next website and retails at £67.00.

Here it is styled with a pair of jeans. If you can wear jeans to work, choose a pair that are high waisted, tailored with a flare for a business feel. You could wear this blazer over a dress, or with a pair of trousers, a knee length skirt, or a long -pleated skirt.  On your feet for a more casual look wear a pair of trainers. For a smarter look a pair or court shoes or boots.

Underneath you could wear a lightweight jumper or roll neck, a blouse, long-sleeved t/shirt or top. In the summer you could also wear this blazer over a pair of tailored shorts. This blazer can be worn so many ways and if you work out price per wear you can afford to invest in a good one. A blazer always makes your outfit look smarter and more business -like.

Are you returning to the office and need some workwear?
Are you returning to the office and need some workwear?

Have you ever considered a trouser suit?

I remember wearing a trouser suit many years ago and now they are back on trend. They are also very versatile and can be worn so many ways. This one here is from boohoo at Debenhams and this not a brand I have brought before so I cannot comment on the quality but you get the idea. This stretch fitted blazer and flared trouser suit. It states that the suit is in a Jersey stretch material which will make it comfortable to work in. It also comes in Black and Red and retails at £45.00 but currently a writing this blog has 20% off and is now £36.00.

Both items can be worn separately making lots of different outfits and looks. Have fun with it and style with different jewellery, footwear, and accessories. NOW I am the colour lady so the pieces I have chosen maybe too bright for you so, choose a more neutral colour and add the colour in your pieces you put with it.

Are you returning to the office and need some workwear?

After you have had a look at what you do have in your wardrobe and let go what you no longer need, you can see the gaps and what you need to replace. It maybe you just need to invest in some new trousers and a few new tops to update your look.

I am a great fan of the dress.

Dresses can be very versatile as well. For a start there is only one piece to put on which makes putting an outfit together so much easier. Floral designs are very much on trend and going into the spring there are a lot of spotted prints. Wear your dress alone but perhaps choose a nice belt if the dress needs one. To go to work in your dress add a leather bomber jacket or denim when the weather gets warmer. This will give it a stylish look. If your office is not very warm you could add one of your favourite jumpers over the top. Cardigans are one of my favourites so you can always add one to your dress for that extra bit of warmth. It is all about wearing all the clothes in your wardrobe and styling them in different ways.

The key is to not have too many clothes in your wardrobe. Remove anything that you are not wearing so you can see what you do have. This way getting dressed each day will not be so stressful. Play around with what you have and find as many ways as you can to wear your favourite outfit.

Here is what one of my clients said after a style consultation.

“Wow, thank you so much.  You went into way more detail than I expected, and your suggestions were so helpful. Definitely a worthwhile experience and I should now find shopping for clothes even easier because not only can I ignore all the colours that don’t suit me, but I also now understand more about which styles suit best and I can home in on the right ones.  Brilliant! “

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