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What not to discard from a wardrobe declutter

What not to discard from a wardrobe declutter
What not to discard from a wardrobe declutter

What not to discard from a wardrobe declutter. There are certain items in your wardrobe that are worth keeping and you should not let go. Obviously, if  something does not fit anymore or is worn out, they must go. What often happens while you are decluttering it can be easy to let things go and then a few months later regret letting go of some pieces.  Some items never seem to go out of fashion and are worth keeping. Here are my tips on which pieces to hang onto when you declutter your wardrobe.

Leather Biker or Denim Jacket.

I cannot tell you how long I have had this denim jacket, in fact I also have one in a peach too. These can be worn in so many ways, casual over cotton trousers, over a printed summer dress, and over a skirt. I also have a leather navy biker jacket which I wear in the same way in the cooler weather.

Classic Wool Coat or Trench Coat.

I tend to keep my winter coats for many years and throw them away once they have worn out or I have replaced them. My classic beige mac I have also had for many years and although it is very old it still looks good and is very useful. These are key items that do not date and will always serve you well.

Leather Shoes & Boots.

If you invest in good quality leather footwear they will last for many years. When I put my winter boots away for the summer, I have them re healed and give them a good polish so when I take them out in the autumn, they will be ready to wear. If they are in good order and comfortable, why would you want to discard them? If you are bored with the colour, you can dye them.

White/Cream Cotton Shirt.

There is nothing nicer than a crisp white shirt over your smart denim jeans, add a colourful blazer to complete the look. When the shirt is a little past its sell by date you can wear it under a sweatshirt or jumper with the collar and sleeves showing.

Round Neck Buttoned up Cardigans.

These are useful pieces to have in your wardrobe as you can wear them many ways.

  • Wear buttoned up with a scarf in the neck.
  • Wear with the buttons down the back.
  • Put the cardigan over a T/Shirt and to the top button up.
  • Leave the buttons undone over a shirt or dress.


These are staples in your wardrobe, and I have had some of mine, for many years and I would not part with them. Although I love fashion, I have learnt to dress for my body shape and so if I have a jacket in the style and colour, I love there is no need to change it. Obviously, there does come a time when you need to, so that is when I would be ready to let go. Jackets are so useful and can make an outfit, so usually these are investment pieces that you want to last.

Belts & Accessories.

If you have some leather belts, I tend to keep them as they are useful to bring in the waist on an outfit. Coloured belts make a great accessory, particularly in one of your colours so, definitely to not let go. The same goes for coloured jewellery if they work with the clothes in your wardrobe and you are wearing them hang on to them.

Gold or silver jewellery that you are no longer wearing, sell the gold and invest in something you will wear.

If you are unsure what to discard?

If you are hanging onto things and feel uncomfortable to let them go, store them away. Put them in a box in the loft. If you have not visited that box for a year it shows that you do not need it. If however you do miss the item you can access it.

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