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There is a pair of jeans for every body shape. What’s yours?

There is a pair of jeans for every body shape. Whats yours?
There is a pair of jeans for every body shape. What’s yours?

There is a pair of jeans for every body shape. What’s yours? Jeans are a staple in your wardrobe, and you are never too old to wear them. It is important to find the right style to flatter your body shape. It can be very confusing as there is so much choice out there. Here are a few tips to help you on your way. This picture here shows some of the many styles available at

There is a pair of jeans for every body shape. Whats yours?

Kick Flare Jeans

These are a favourite of mine and not only are they seriously chic, but they are great for adding shape particularly if you are a tall slim lady like myself.  Choose a pair that skim the floor and hang over your shoes they can make your legs look longer. If you choose a pair that kick out from the knee, they will create an hourglass silhouette particularly if you are big busted. Tuck in your top to show off your waist.

Boot Cut Jeans

You can never go wrong with a good pair of Boot cut Jeans a wardrobe staple in my mind. These will suit all body shapes and if you get the fit right, they complement any figure. If you carry your weight around your middle wearing a boot cut will balance out the look. Choose the thicker denim that won’t lose their shape.

Boyfriend Jeans

I always think of these for the younger girls, but now we are seeing new slimmer legs. These jeans normally come with larger belt loops, which is ideal if you are heavier around the middle as you can add a large belt to create a waist. This shape of jeans is for a more casual look and best teamed with a nice tee. Choose a darker denim to make your legs look thinner.

Straight cut

These straight cut jeans seem to have taken over the skinny jean and are a lot more forgiving on the leg, but they can also be tucked into your jeans. It’s a great way to keep your bottom half streamlined. Styles with stretch support will help sculpt your legs and bottom. Choose a darker denim for a smarter look.

Mom Jeans

These are a more relaxed look with a tapered shape that highlights your waist if you have one! They are roomier in the leg and draw the eye inwards at the ankle for a stylish fit.

High Waist

If you are on the petite side, high waisted jeans are an instant leg lengthier, making you appear taller and slimmer in seconds. If you are tall anyway it will make your legs, go on for ever.

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are back in the shops again and are a great option for the fuller bust. The extra volume skims over the thighs, and helps to balance the body proportions.

Crop Jeans

These are not a favourite of mine because I am tall and like to wear my trousers to the shoe or boot. However, they are very popular and the taller you are the easier to pull off the look. Find a pair that sits just above your ankle bone, rather than cutting you off mid-calf.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are not so popular but styled correctly can look good on most body shapes. Wear with ballet pumps, high sandals or tucked into a lovely pair of boots. This makes them so versatile. Layering is the key, wear with a shirt under a long-knit jumper to make your upper half look longer. Tunics are good or a long line cardigan.

To straighten out curvier hips team with a hip skimming blazer. If you are conscious of your tummy, choose a high waist Jean with some built in support to smooth out your troublesome tummy. Choose a stretchy denim for added comfort.

Buying a good pair of jeans is an investment

All the shops on the high street sell jeans so where do we start. Firstly, you need to set some time aside so that you can try several styles and sizes. Selfridges, has its own Denim Studio with an extensive range of designer denim and a denim tailor who offers two-hour alterations across every brand. You are sure to find something that suits you.

If you are petite, I would try the shops who have a petite range first which will minimise any alterations and for tall ladies first go to the outlets that stock a longer leg.

There is a pair of jeans for every body shape. What’s yours?

What are you looking your jeans to do for you? Do you want them to slim you? If so there are plenty on the market that will offer you built in support that will flatten your tummy in a choice of high waist or low/high rise. Make sure the waistband sits naturally on your waist with no gaping.

Take care choosing the best jeans for you.

It is all about the fit when choosing jeans, always go for a pair with lots of stretch and if they do up to easily go down a size, because they will give when you start wearing them. Find your own personal style and dressing to enhance your body shape and personality. If you would like any advice do get in touch.

Here what one client said after a Style Consultation

“You went into way more detail than I expected, and your suggestions were so helpful. Definitely a worthwhile experience and I should now find shopping for clothes even easier because not only can I ignore all the colours that don’t suit me, I now, understand more about which styles suit best and I can home in on the right ones.  Brilliant!”

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