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Are you aware of everything in your wardrobe?

Are you aware of everything in your wardrobe?
Are you aware of everything in your wardrobe?

I think that most of us will admit that they have too many clothes in our wardrobe. Some ladies I know have more than one wardrobe, whilst others have a summer and a winter closet. Are you aware of everything in your wardrobe?

Are you aware of everything in your wardrobe?

This is an interesting one and I think I could answer yes, but I guess a lot of others could not. We all know that most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. So, it goes to show, there must be lots of clothes not being worn. BUT why is that?

  • Habit
  • Clothes close to hand.
  • Wardrobe is too full to see what you have.
  • Too lazy to make up new outfits.
  • Limited number of clothes still fit.

So, what needs to go?

That is simple, anything that does not fit you anymore. Why keep clothes that you can no longer fit into? (Yes, you could say I am going to slim down and get into them). If that is the case, take them out of your wardrobe and pack them away until you lose the weight. Remove anything that has worn out or is beyond repair. Anything that you no longer wear because of the style or colour.

As we get older, we are no longer wanting to wear what we did when we were younger. Our life may have changed, perhaps we are returning to work after being home with our family. Coming out of the corporate world and starting your own business, or perhaps you are retiring. Any of these changes require us to change our wardrobe choices.

Are you aware of everything in your wardrobe?

My advice to you is to get to know what you have in your closet. Why would you not want to make your life easier?

  • Have less clothes and make more outfits.
  • Only have clothes that fit and flatter your figure.
  • All the clothes in your best colours.
  • You must love and love wearing everything in your wardrobe.

What are you aiming to achieve?

What I like to achieve for my clients is to build a wardrobe of clothes that they love and love wearing. Knowing which colours to wear to bring out the best in you, can be life changing. Finding the right clothes to show your personality in a style to make the best of you figure, gives you confidence to be who you want to be.

Why would you not want to look and feel fabulous every day?

When I was growing up, we had school uniform, weekend and after school clothes and CLOTHES FOR BEST. These clothes were only worn on special occasions. (What a waste!!) We grew out of them before they had a chance to wear out, (my younger sister never wanted to wear the hand me downs).

How about buying less clothes but of a better quality?

We all hear so much about cheap fashion and the throwaway mentality and how full that landfill is but are we doing about it? I know that Primark have made huge inroads in producing clothes made from re-cycled products which is great for the cheap high fashion store. Primark is not store for everyone, but I know myself I am buying less clothes but choosing to buy a better quality. This way each item gets more wear so the price for wear goes down. Fewer clothes in your own colour pallet and you can make more outfits as all your clothes blend with each other. Want to know more check out my website for the services I offer.

Here is what one client says.

“I really enjoyed the colour analysis today. I have been analysed a few times before and always felt the colours were wrong. Sandra spent plenty of time doing the draping and I was finally able to see where the colours were wrong. I went straight out and bought two bottoms and three tops in my colours and am looking forward to wearing them. I plan a major re-sort of my wardrobe and will get rid of the things in the wrong colours. Thank you, Sandra”

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