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My tips on how to dress for a business meeting

My tips on how to dress for a business meeting
My tips on how to dress for a business meeting

This very much depends on the type of business you represent, but for me I am my own shop window.  Having said that I don’t feel the need to wear a suit as most of my clients are not in the corporate world. So here are my tips on how to dress for a business meeting.

My tips on how to dress for a business meeting

Should I wear a suit?

When I first started promoting my business and going to networking events it was interesting to see what others were wearing. I think at the time ladies felt that they should perhaps wear a suit, or jacket and trousers, as you would in the corporate world. BUT if you are not comfortable in a suit what is that saying about you? If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing it will show. However, if you are wearing something that you know that you look good in that will give you confidence and we all want to feel confident at a business event. I think that times have changed now even in the corporate world and the dress code has relaxed.

Should I wear my uniform.

For networking I would say YES. If you are a beautician or therapist for arguments sake, that is easy and, I would suggest that you go in your uniform. Also, for networking they are usually during the day, and you are going straight onto work afterwards. If you have a uniform representing your own business and perhaps have a t/shirt with the company logo then that would be perfect as you are immediately recognised for what you do.

Choose something in your best colours

If you have had your colours analysed, you will know which colours will bring out the best in you. Style wise choose clothes that flatter your figure and bring out the best bits and draw the eye away from the bits you don’t like. If you need help with either of these look at my website for details on my services. I always choose something that I know will give me confidence.

My favourite colours are red, and orange and they are both energetic colours which give me the energy and confidence I need. When I first started out, I used to wear my favourite orange dress, which I called my lucky dress. I always got such nice comments when I wore it. This gave me confidence knowing that I looked nice. I would wear this dress when going to a networking event of when I was doing a talk and walking into a new environment. Knowing that you look good, makes you feels good, which gives you confidence.

Make that best first impression

People will remember you for what you are wearing so it is important to make that first impression. We have all talked over an event a few of us had attended and someone refers to the lady in the blue dress and you all know who she is referring to. Not everyone is outgoing and can walk into a room of people they do not know and feel completely comfortable.

Before I trained as a Colour, and Style Coach I used to dress in very little colour because I did not want to stand out. I wanted to blend in, so I can understand that when clients tell me that. You do not have to wear full on colour, in fact some ladies look better in pastels, so it is important to find out what is right for you.

People buy people

We all know that people buy people, so it is nice to show your personality in what you are wearing. If you are wearing a plain classic dress, add a nice piece of jewellery, or a scarf. Try adding some colour to your plain dress with a coloured cardigan, shrug, or jacket. Perhaps you could nip in the waist by adding a belt. I think that a nice pair of shoes or boots, and a coloured handbag add the finishing touches to an outfit (Your shoes and handbag do not have to match). It is about putting a whole outfit together that you feel comfortable in. If you know you look good you will feel good inside which will project to those you meet.

My tips on how to dress for a business meeting

My number one tip is to get your outfit out the night before an important business meeting. Try it on with all the accessories to you are happy with the result and this will make getting dressed in the morning less stressful. The next tip is to plan what you are going to say at the meeting, so you are prepared. The most important part to your outfit is wear your SMILE. This makes you approachable, everyone likes a friendly face, and you will be the one person everyone will want to talk to. Have fun with it and enjoy it as it will show.

We all know about the law of attraction, if you are looking confident and passionate about what you do it will show in your face, your eyes will light up, coupled with a positive attitude and you will attract the same back to you which is what we all want.

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