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How to move into your Spring/Summer wardrobe

I don’t know about you ,but I am fed up with this weather. Yesterday we went for a walk, it started to rain as we got out of the car, and we got soaked walking into town. We sat down for a coffee under cover in the sunshine and as we left to walk back it started raining and the hail stones came down. Today we put on our heavy winter coats and the sun came out and we were hot. The forecast for the weekend looks good and temperatures are set to rise up 22c. Here are my tips on how to move into your Spring/Summer wardrobe

Is your wardrobe ready for the lovely weather coming this weekend?
Is your wardrobe ready for the lovely weather coming this weekend?

How to move into your Spring/Summer wardrobe

With the weather so changeable it is difficult to know what to wear to cover every eventuality. This is when I go for layers. Layering up your clothes gives you the flexibility to take off, or add as the weather changes. I have already put away my heavy winter clothes and have my lighter clothes in my wardrobe. These I can layer up. I have not got my legs yet ,but have already started using my coloured moisturiser to take add some colour to my white legs.

How to move into your Spring/Summer wardrobe

So, instead of wearing thick jeans and boots, swap them for a pair of 7/8 cotton trousers and some trainers which I have chosen today. I have put a short sleeved-jumper and topped with a denim jacket. Rain is not forecast for today, but I may put my rain mac in the car just in case.

Go shopping in your own wardrobe

As we are now looking to wear clothes that we have not worn for a long while it is nice to have a look through what you have. Sort out what you know that you are no longer going to wear. They can either go to charity or perhaps you can sell them online. Take say a pair of trousers that you love and shop your own wardrobe. I mean look for items that you can wear with these trousers. You may surprise yourself and come up with new ways to wear what you already have.

Most women have too many clothes

I hold up my hand for having too many clothes in my wardrobe as I found out in lockdown. Too many clothes lead to overwhelm. (There are only so many clothes you can wear). Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Are you one of those ladies?  If you are then you need to have a good declutter and remove what you no longer wear.

Our style changes overtime

When you shop your own wardrobe think about each item and say to yourself would I buy this piece now? As we get older our style changes and evolves, and we no longer want to wear what we used to. Therefore, we continually need to rework our wardrobe and not hold on to things that we no longer wear or make us feel good. This gives clarity, and it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier.

Look at ways you can wear your summer dresses now

Look at your summer dresses and see if you have any that you can wear now. If you have a button through dress perhaps you could wear that over a pair of trousers with a t/shirt, underneath and wear open. If you have a pinafore dress instead of wearing alone or with a t/shirt put a light jumper underneath.

Try to get more uses out of one piece of clothing

It is all about getting more wear out of your clothes, particularly if you can wear them for more than one season. I have learnt over the years that buying in sales or cheaper clothes these are the ones that I wear less. Also, when decluttering are the first to go. They are not a bargain if you don’t wear them. Going forward I will be buying less and wearing them more.

Have you thought about investing in a Colour Consultation?

Having a colour consultation is an investment in you. Once you know the colours that suit you building a capsule wardrobe is so much easier. In a session with me, I also show you different colour combinations that you may not have thought of. Have a look at my website to see how you would benefit from a Colour Session with me.

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