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Lockdown has changed the way I shop going forward

Lockdown has changed the way I shop going forward
Lockdown has changed the way I shop going forward

Lockdown has made us all think differently about so many things. More and more people are working from home and perhaps will go to the office once a week. I think it has made us all think about our lives, where we are going and looking to the future. One thing that I noticed was I was not wearing all of my clothes. I have had a huge thrift and weeded out unwanted items. Here are my thoughts on how lockdown has changed the way I shop going forward.

Lockdown has changed the way I shop going forward.

I know that when we open and I am back working fully I will need to be wearing more of my everyday clothes. I have learnt that I need to think differently about what I buy in the future. It has made me think twice about buying in the sale. During my clearing out process I noticed that several of the items in the charity bag were items I had bought in the sale. What does that say to you? Was I just buying them because they were cheap? They cease to become a bargain if you don’t wear them.

Small local boutiques and independents.

With so many shops that have left the high street and not enjoying shopping online I must look elsewhere. I am going to start buying from the small boutiques and independent retailers. Hopefully going forward there will be more small shops that will appear.

Fast fashion and landfill

This is something to think about, at my age I am not wearing fast fashion straight off the catwalk. So, perhaps now I should be looking to pay more for my clothes and buy better quality and less items. When you are young girls you like to follow fashion and buy items that have a short life that are cheap to buy. This is all very well but look at the problem we have with landfills. Looking what into my charity bag they were things that I didn’t pay a lot for. Hence they were worn out looking and needed replacing.

Buying better quality clothes.

Choosing to buy better quality clothes does not necessarily mean that you spend more money. If you buy less clothes which you wear more often and you work out the price per wear you will be surprised. They say that most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. If this is true then we all have too many clothes. With less clothes in your wardrobe, you have less to choose from. This makes getting dressed each day so much easier.

Have you thought about buying preloved?

Charity shops now are so much better than they used to be and some look like a nice boutique. You do have to be prepared to have a rummage through, but I know several people who have bought some really nice designer pieces for a fraction of the price.

Dress agencies are another way to sell and buy your clothes. Generally, they only take items that are a higher quality that are not worn or tired looking.

eBay or similar online selling sites are another way to purchase nearly new items. These are ways you may be able to buy a high price item and a better price. Some women buy things that they never wear and even have the tags on and are brand new so, definitely worth checking out.

Facebook also has many groups with shops like Boden and Ketterwwell Colours where customers can sell their clothes.

Colour Consultation

If you have had a colour consultation with me, you will know which colours are right for you. Also,you would have learnt how to put together different colour combinations. You will have a set of basic colours and a set of your wow colours and they will all work well with each other. They will all have the same undertone of colour and so they will all mix and match. This means you will need less clothes to make more outfits.

Have a think about investing in you to find your perfect colours. Please feel free to give me a call for a chat or look at my website to see how you would benefit from a Colour Consultation with me.

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