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Get your inspiration for colour combinations from nature

I always get my inspiration for different colour combinations from nature as nature never gets it wrong. Remember the saying Blue and Green should never be seen unless there is a colour in between? How wrong is that? Here are my thoughts on how I get my inspiration for colour combinations from nature.

Get your inspiration for colour combinations from nature

Get your inspiration for colour combinations from nature

This photograph was taken in the first lockdown by the River Chelmer. look how the blue from the sky and the river go with the green of the bank.

Think of this as a pair of blue jeans and a green sweatshirt. Or a scarf in blue with green leaves and flowers. there is also the brown of the trees which is the third colour in this photo.

If you can see the colour combination in nature, then you can wear those colours together.

Colour Combinations

When I was training it was suggested to me to wear pink and green together. This was something I had not tried before. I had not worn pink because I have a warm skin tone and I had not managed to find a warm pink. If you think of a pastel pink or a barbie pink, they are both cool. When I managed to find a warm pink with a yellow undertone which looks like a peachy pink, I knew I could do that combination.

Nature never gets it wrong

Get your inspiration for colour combinations from nature
Get your inspiration for colour combinations from nature
Warm pink and green
Warm pink and green

Here you can see these tulips are very much a cool pink with green. I have taken the colour combination and put together my warm version with a salmon pink t/shirt and khaki green trouser. I have brought the two together with a scarf with both colours.

If you have a cool skin tone, then choose the cool colours of the tulips.  Put the colour where you want the eye to go. Looking at the picture at the top of this blog where is your eye drawn too. Yes, the brightest colour and in this case the blue sky. Put the darker colours on the largest part of the body and the colour on where you want the eye to be drawn.


Cool & Warm Green

Cool & Warms Greens
Cool & Warms Greens

If you think of the beautiful flowers in your garden in all the various colours they all have green leaves. All the bright colours work with the green, so why not make green one of your base colours.

On the left here I have two cool greens and on the right two warm ones. Now that is not the only two greens you can wear there are many, but this is just to show the difference. Now think of the colours in your garden, bright pink, red, yellow, purple, lavender, soft pink and blue, the list goes on. All those colours will team up nicely with green and so this makes a staple base colour in your wardrobe. It also makes a nice change from black which so many ladies say they buy as every colour goes with black.




Navy is another good base colour

Many dark blues are a combination of warm and cool undertones but that is fine and suitable for all skin tones. Navy is a good base colour as like green so many different colours look nice with navy. So, instead of putting a white or cream blouse with your navy trousers try wearing a different colour. Choose from your pallet of WOW colours, any shade of pink, red, light blue, green, yellow or gold, the list goes on. I also consider blue denim in the same category, whether the dark denim or the light chambray shade.

Other base colours to consider.

Warm tones, dark olive, dark green, chocolate brown, warm purple, medium bronze, aubergine, autumn grey, marine navy and light navy.

Cool tones, true green, black/brown, royal cool purple, pine green, charcoal grey, royal blue, burgundy, aubergine, dark navy and black.

Have some fun with colour

The important thing is to have some fun with colour. Don’t head to your trustee black trousers and white top try experimenting with different colour options. Wearing colour will make you look and feel better. Each colour vibrates at its own frequency and offers different levels of energy. Find out which level of energy you need to look and feel fantastic. If you would like more details about colour and how each colours, make you look and feel do get in touch. Details of my colour consultations can be found on my website

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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