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My Colour Journey

My colour journey
My colour journey

I first had my colours done many years ago. My husband bought me a gift voucher one Christmas, to have my colours done. It was not something I would have bought myself. My daughter was young at the time and spending quality time on me was not my priority. I share with you how I went from wearing cream and beige, so I did not stand out, to wearing red and orange and a new confident me.

My first introduction to colour

He bought me a colour and style analysis which also included a make-up lesson. with a Colour me Beautiful Consultant. This really was a treat. as I had not invested in myself like this before. Then I didn’t realise how powerful it was.

At the time I was unaware of how powerful colour was.  I had worked in the city for many years and had two skirt suits one black and the other grey was an assortment of blouses I wore underneath. These were conservative as I was working in banking recruitment.  Wearing all grey made me feel grey and at the time I did not know why and now I do.

I went from wearing cream & beige to wearing red & orange

At this time in my life, I was very shy and was wearing quite muted colours like cream and beige as I didn’t want to stand out. My colour analysis said I was an autumn which fitted in with the base colours, I was wearing but it showed me I could add some colour to bring my face alive. It taught me I could add colour to my beige trousers, and I started to wear warm apricot, soft greens, watered down red. This was the start of my colour journey.

I learnt how to dress your body shape

The style session taught me not to follow fashion to the letter but to choose styles that worked with my body shape. I have a straight up and down figure with no definition of a waist, so I needed a o choose a jacket that would give the illusion of a waist. It made shopping so much easier because I knew what to look for. Long boxy jackets would do me no favours.

Choosing the right makeup colours

This session included finding the right coloured foundation which is so important as you don’t want to look made up but sometimes you might want to hide some blemishes. A warm skin tone should choose a peachy blusher and a cool skin tone a pink based one. Eye shadows and lipsticks also work in the same way as the colours you choose to wear.

So, what did these sessions do for me?

I learnt which colours worked for me and which didn’t. It made shopping so much easier as I now knew which colours to choose. It taught me how to mix and match all my clothes to make more outfits with less items. Also, I learnt different colour combinations and now get my inspiration from nature. If the colour combination works in nature it will work for you.

Many years later…..

When my daughter went off to university I decided to train as a stylist as it was something I had always wanted to do. Firstly, I trained in Colour and Style Analysis and a couple of years later in Wardrobe Audit and Personal Shopping. For me the biggest transformation is always the colour because that really does make you look and feel different.

Colour Therapy

After I had been working with colour for a while, I decided to investigate about colour therapy as I knew I felt different wearing different colours. This broadened my knowledge of colour enormously and is something that I talk about all the time. Have a look at my blogs about colour therapy check out this one on how to colour yourself happy. Click here

Can you change your season?

This is a question I get asked a lot. If you have been analysed with a warm skin tone, you will always be warm and the same goes with if you are a cool you will always be cool. Firstly, I was analysed as a warm autumn but when I had my training, this time I came out a warm spring. It is like turning up the dimmer switch of colour as the spring colours are brighter than the more muted autumn colours. Both seasons are warm with a yellow undertone so if you are in either season you can pinch some colours from the other season.

For me I think that I had come out of my shell and had the confidence to wear the brighter colours. I was no longer looking to fade into the background and wear the neutral colours I was happy to be noticed for who I was, stepping into the next version of me.

As you grow older does your skin fade?

Yes, it can do, I have had clients that for arguments sake were a winter when they were younger but as they grow older didn’t feel comfortable wearing that level of colour in their 60’s. So chose to wear the softer shades of the summer pallet. Summer and Winter both being the cool pallet with the blue undertone. Winter being the bright jewel colours and summer the softer muted shades.

Should I change my colours if I choose to let my hair go grey?

No, one mistake many ladies make when they go grey is to wear grey. This will drain all the colour from your face. Still keep wearing the colours that work with your skin tone but if you want to turn the dimmer switch of colour down you can do so.


My colour journey has me move away from a shrinking wallflower who wanted to blend into a confident lady who loves to embrace colour. I have learnt so much about colour and its benefits along my colour journey and I love sharing my knowledge. If you are ready to start your colour journey do get in touch. Check out my website for details of what a colour analysis with me involves. Perhaps you partner does not know what to buy you this Christmas like my husband did many years ago. Make that investment in you and start you colour journey with me.

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