Wardrobe Cleanse & Refresh

How to dress whilst going through the menopauseI have often heard this referred to as Wardrobe Weeding which sounds a little funny to me.  I have heard some horror stories of how someone comes into your home and takes away 75% of your wardrobe. This, leaves you with nothing to wear and a need to spend out on a totally new wardrobe.

I will not do that, but you are bound to have some items in your wardrobe that do need to go.  It is said that most ladies wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.

  • They may be past their sell-by date and just worn out.
  • Don’t fit you any more
  • Be the wrong style for your body shape
  • Be in the wrong colour
  • Make you feel frumpy


Now some of the clothes that we clear may be able to be utilised.  If you know a good tailor who will be able to amend or alter a favourite garment you can do that.  If an item is nearly new, perhaps you could sell it on eBay, or at a dress agency. You can use the funds to purchase some new items.  Charities are also very keen to take unwanted items too.

What I will do?

Go through the wardrobe and clear out the items that you are never going to wear again, for some of the reasons above.

Show you how to utilise the clothes you do have in your wardrobe and offer you an alternative way to wear them.

Discard any items that don’t make you look and feel fabulous.

I will turn up with my box of tricks full of accessories and give you some ideas on how to transform your wardrobe.

I like to do this consultation after you have had both a Colour and Style Analysis as you will then understand what I am trying to achieve.  However, if you know what colours suit you and are aware of your body shape that may not be essential.

Wardrobe Cleanse & Refresh   £180 Allow 3 hours for one wardrobe