About me

Hi, I’m Sandra, a fully trained Colour & Style Coach. When I was researching where to do my training, I knew that I didn’t want to train with one of the big franchises. I wanted the freedom to write my own website and not be tied into selling their products.  I enjoy sourcing my own products to sell. I retail my own scarves, necklaces and accessories to offer my clients.  That’s why I call myself independent. This allows me to show how to add colour in a scarf or necklace to completely change the look of an outfit.


Colour Analysis

My husband paid for me to have my colours done many years ago. I think it has been the best present he ever bought me.  I discovered I am Warm Autumn and learnt which colours worked well for me.  One thing I did become aware of is, if I wear all grey I would feel all grey, if that makes sense!  Whereas, if I wear bright red or orange (which are my favourite colours) I got lots of compliments.  This gave me confidence to be who I wanted to be.  I have since learned that I can look at some of the Spring colours as they are also warm toned. This gives me the flexibility to wear brighter colours if I want to. This inspired me to learn more about the energies that colours have and why they make you feel the way you do.

My Training

After many hours researching I found my trainer Sue Cocks from QCIC who has been in the business for many years and who has her own academy.  Once you have learnt which colours are right for you and which tone is the most flattering, the rest it is easy.  Some colours are worn to give you energy, whilst others are to be worn when you want to chill and relax. As part of the course I have learnt how to give style advice for choosing clothes that suit both your shape and style personality.  I have also trained in Wardrobe Audit, & Personal Shopping. Sue Cocks also offers ongoing training and so I am always learning and evolving all the time.

I have a passion for colour

My main passion is colour and how it makes you feel which is why I went on to train as a Colour Therapist. I combine all my knowledge of Colour when advising my clients.

I have always enjoyed fashion, accessories and make-up. I worked in retail  for some time, where I enjoyed some personal styling. I am now able to bring it all together. I have at last found something that I really have a passion for and I enjoy advising my clients and to me it does not feel like working.

I hope that has given you a little bit about me and please feel free to contact me for an informal chat.

Sandra Sparrowhawk Independent Colour & Style Coach

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