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Do you have difficulty in de-cluttering your wardrobe?

Do you have difficulty in de-cluttering your wardrobe?
Do you have difficulty in de-cluttering your wardrobe?

Recently I have had to practice what I preach and take my own advice on de-cluttering my wardrobe. We decided rather than buying new bedroom furniture we would spray what we  already have. Two pine chests with lovely deep drawers and our wardrobes are old MFI laminate doors. They were spray painted with new handles all to match. This all sounds great, but we had to empty the wardrobes and chests and we put all the clothes on our spare bed. If you have difficulty in letting, go for your clothes read on.

Do you have difficulty in de-cluttering your wardrobe?

I regularly cull my wardrobe, but I was amazed at the number of clothes that I do not wear that I had been hanging on to and for what reason?

  • Will they come back in fashion?
  • I paid a lot for this item I can’t let it go.
  • I might wear it.

Some of these things have been in the drawer or wardrobe for many years and for some reason I have hung onto them, and I am not sure why. Perhaps I was just not ready to let them go? Some of the items I have had a long time, and I am just fed up with wearing them and I need a change. Also, my life has changed, I used to be more corporate in my dress but now I have a more smarter casual.

We all evolve as people as we mature, our lives and situations change along with our style. In our 50s & 60s we don’t wear what we did in our 20s. Either way I knew I had to let some of this stuff go.

I started with my boots and shoes.

Last year I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis which I have taken the pain away by wearing Arch Fit shoes and trainers. After wearing these trainers last summer for three months the pain went away. I have inner soles to put in some of my closed fit shoes and a couple of arch fit sandals. I have kept a couple pairs of sandals I might wear for an evening out but, it was easy to let the rest go.

Would it be easier if I found these items a new home?

I thought perhaps it might be easier to let go of some of the items if I sold them on. It all started with a couple of pairs of boots that have had very little wear. I was going to give them to my daughter to sell on Vinted, but I have been told it is very easy to do so I am going to give it a go. Technology is not my favourite thing, but I am prepared to give it a go. The items are photographed and ready to be uploaded. Watch this space!

Some things are hard to let go.

Yes, some things are hard to let go and it maybe it’s not the right time. You could take a photo of the item if it has an emotional tie or put them away out of your wardrobe. If you have not visited them in six months or a year’s time you maybe, then be able to let them go. Do not beat yourself up about it.

How do I feel now?

Well, I have only just started as I have another wardrobe in my studio with my summer dresses, and under the bed are my holiday beach clothes. BUT I have made a good start, and it feels good. I can now see what I have on the rails which makes getting dressed so much easier. I feel, lighter if that makes sense and I can see what I have more easily.

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