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Colour Consultation

Dear Sandra,

Thank you very much for doing my colours last week.
I really enjoyed the session and you put me at ease as soon as I walked in the door. Trying all the different coloured drapes was such an interesting experience and it was so helpful to have you pointing out the differences the colours made to my face. I love the swatch of colours that I was given to take away with me and look forward to my next shopping trip knowing that I’ll be able to pick clothes that will really suit my colouring.
I’m looking forward to receiving the photos of the session and the electronic swatch for my phone.
All the best,


Feb 2023

Colour Consultation

Thank you Sandra for the amazing and thorough Colourworx consultation.  I admit to being a little apprehensive, but it was great to connect with such warmth, passion and depth of knowledge to enable me to not only be visible,  but to shine in the world.
For once in my life,  I am excited and looking forward to going shopping for new clothes. Yes, my wardrobe has been significantly culled.
I knew already that I was sensitive to colour in general, but did not appreciate the subtleties behind each shade and depth of colour, and how they reflect in the face, eyes, face-shape etc
Following this wonderful session I am now armed with a complete colour palette and colour swatches, plus photos to demonstrate and remind me of the impact of colour.  I can now shop confidently knowing that the colours work beautifully together and suit my colour personality.  It really is enlightening.
I thoroughly recommend booking yourself a session…to align yourself with the colours that bring you to life and give you greater zest, energy and confidence.
Thank you once again Sandra.

Colour Consultation

Hi Sandra
“I really enjoyed the colour analysis today. I have been analysed a few times before and always felt the colours were wrong. Sandra spent plenty of time doing the draping and I was finally able to see where the colours were wrong. I went straight out and bought two bottoms and three tops in my colours and am looking forward to wearing them. I plan a major re-sort of my wardrobe and will get rid of the things in the wrong colours. Thank you Sandra”

Style Consultation

Hi Sandra

Wow, thank you so much.

You went into way more detail than I expected and your suggestions were so helpful. Definitely a worthwhile experience and I should now find shopping for clothes even easier because not only can I ignore all the colours that don’t suit me, I now understand more about which styles suit best and I can home in on the right ones.  Brilliant!

Kate Chelmsford

Colour Consultation

I have just had a session with Sandra to review what colours are best for me. It was a fantastic experience and I must admit to feeling a little apprehensive having never done it before.

I needn’t have worried as Sandra is so welcoming and talks you through how the session will work and also the meaning behind different colours.

It really surprised me how much you can see the difference in your face when she placed the 2 different different colour swatches on me (cool and warm). There was a visible change in my physical appearance. I am a very tactile person and whilst testing the different colours, they also made me feel different things, relaxed, comfortable or on guard which was a real guide for me too.

During the session, Sandra gives lots of useful tips such as when buying clothes, to try them on and take a photo to see better what you look like in that colour.

As I work as a professional organiser and help clients declutter, my favourite comment from Sandra was “the idea is to have complementary colours in your wardrobe, in your shades, so that you can mix and match and not need to keep buying lots of clothes”.

It really surprised me how some colours went together, which I would never have thought about putting together.

You leave the session knowing exactly what colours work best for you. Sandra also gives you notes to refer back to. I bought a mini colour swatch pack too, which will be kept helpfully in my bag when shopping to remind me of my colours.

Sandra then sends by email the notes and photos from the session too.

I would thoroughly recommend it and I’m really looking forward to trying out some of my new colours.

Maybe next time, I will have to book one of Sandra’s styling sessions to rethink the clothes I wear.

Louise  Chelmsford Essex September 2019

Colour Consultation

I was initially a little concerned to come as you know how hard I find it to stay still but I thought today was brilliant. The time just flew past!!! I’m so grateful that you took so much time to ensure that the right choice was made and I’m really excited to get into colours now. You are so lovely and I’m glad that we have had some time together so I had the opportunity to get to know you better. Having their colours done is something all women should do and I am definitely going to shout all about it at our next networking meeting and the others I go to. Honestly so impressed and would be very glad to leave a review or you can use the above if you have anywhere on your social media, etc.

Samantha Butler


Thank you kindly Sandra for my amazing colour analysis session.

I was totally blown away with the colour results that best suit me, they are very different to the colours I have chosen for years off the Peg! I carry my handy little swatches in my handbag and use them when ever I make a purchase. Your styling tips have come in handy too, I must say I am enjoying the kind compliments from friends, family and business colleagues.

I highly recommend a session with Sandra, she will leave you feeling amazing.

Jo Theobald, Maldon Essex.


Colour Consultation.

My wardrobe consists of a range of uncoordinated items, often impulse buys, mainly safe colours and not very inspiring. So, having decided I’m long overdue for a change, I thought Sandra’s Colourworx consultation would be a good place to start.

The consultation started with a cup of coffee in Sandra’s kitchen and a general chat about clothes, the impact of different colours and styles, all of which I knew very little about.  It was all very relaxed and informal, which I like, and Sandra’s obvious knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for what she does were infectious so I felt quite excited at the prospect of getting started.

At first I just watched and listened as Sandra draped different coloured swathes of material across my shoulders, rejecting some and keeping others, all the while explaining how skin reacts to different colours and shades of colour.  It wasn’t long before I started noticing for myself which colours and shades of colour seemed to work best and which ones didn’t suit me at all and perhaps just as important, understanding why.

By the end of the session I felt like I had a good grasp of my needs and what suits me and what doesn’t and what combinations of colour and style to look out for.  I was particularly pleased to discover that strong, bold, cool colours suit me best and yellow isn’t a good colour for me in any shade – I’ve never worn anything yellow that I can recall.  I was very happy with the analysis as I like the thought of being bold and vibrant and I think now I’ll have the confidence to be more adventurous when buying new clothes.  So, armed with my style analysis report and selection of sample colours I look forward to updating my wardrobe with clothes that make the best of me.

Time and money well spent.  I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Linda Chelmsford Essex


Colour Consultation

Sandra was very relaxing to work with. She showed me how the colours worked on my skin, working towards the colours which suited my skin tone. Thank you for showing me new combinations of colours I wouldn’t have tried before.




Personal Shopping

Jane I took personal shopping and on my return I sent her a Look Book with all the outfits she has tried on as a reminder and this was her reply

Thank you so much for this. It’s a great reminder as I had forgotten some of the items I tried on. Yes I did go back and buy the jump suit that evening. So pleased I did.  I wore the little black top with a black skirt today and the pink monsoon cardigan. Looked really nice and I got so many comments!  Just goes to show what a different colour can do. I really appreciate your time on Friday. It was great for me as I am really not good at shopping. But from now on I will be looking out for different things.   Lovely to meet you and I wish you continued success with your business venture.  Best wishes,  Jane


Dear Sandra,

A belated, yet nevertheless very sincere, thank you for coming over to us last Thursday.  Your talk was lovely, so colourful, lively and varied, and far more than we ever expected.

Thank you for helping to make our evening so very special.  I’m sure we will be seeing you again in the not too distant future.

With very best wishes and kind regards

Sue (for Elsenham W.I. Members’ Day Team October 2018)


Tres Chic at West Mersea WI Friday 8th June 2018

Today we enjoyed a most fabulous talk about how colour can enhance your mood and how to compliment an outfit with a cleverly tied scarf.  Our speaker was Sandra Sparrowhawk who is a colour and style coach and a personal shopper.  Sandra, who is London trained does not do corporate styling but concentrates on individual needs. She emphasises that colour can lift your mood and give you energy. You must not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do try not to wear all black, white or beige unless you want to fade into the background! Red has high vibrations and together with orange is Sandra’s favourite colour, blue is soothing and green is relaxing. So if you are planning a party outfit, remember your chilling out colours and think what colour can do for you.

Members discovered so many different ways to wear a scarf by folding, looping, twisting and knotting. Square scarves can be held in place by using an elasticated bracelet to hold the ends in place. A useful holiday tip for visiting churches is to make a scarf into a bolero to cover bare shoulders and another clever idea is to purchase a clip-on pendant to accessorise a scarf.


WI Talk on Great Ways to Tie Scarves

Here is a testimonial from a local WI group where I recently did a talk and they gave me a write up in our local paper.

“The July meeting welcomed Sandra Sparrowhawk as the speaker. She is a Style and Colour Coach and gave members an interesting talk on how to wear scarves for the greatest impact. The right colour gives a favourable first impression as well as making the wearer feel better. She demonstrated different and attractive ways to tie colourful scarves to “jazz up” an outfit. the scarves were different shapes and sizes all brightly patterned, and we were surprised by the number of alternative ways to tie them. Thank you Sandra Sparrowhawk”