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Do you want to inject some colour into your spring wardrobe?

.Do you want to inject some colour into your spring wardrobe?<yoastmark class=

If you are looking to update your wardrobe it does not mean that you must buy a whole new outfit. You can buy new key piece that you can wear with several items you already have in your wardrobe. Take this new blouse here that I have just bought from FatFace. 

A mid-season purchase.

Do you want to inject some colour into your spring wardrobe?

Today the weather is back to a cold wind  so this sweatshirt a recent purchase from Marks & Spencer might be a good mid-season item. It is a lightweight fabric which you could layer up with something underneath. I like the ombre look and it comes in some great colours, this lovely orange, pink, blue and green mix. This item will get so much wear with cream jeans, casual trousers, and denim i am pleased with my purchase.

Here is it worn with a navy cord skirt, but I am thinking it will look great with some light denim blue jeans, cream jeans, and several of my casual trousers. This is a really versatile piece with all the colours in the fabric to team it up with.  I can wear it open like a jacket or tied at the waist for a more casual look. It is a very light cotton which will be great for layering up too.


When you know your colour swatch it’s easy.

When you know your colours, it makes putting outfits together so much easier. Every time you buy a new piece you know you will always have something to wear with it.  How many times have you bought a new top and got home and found out you have nothing to wear with it. This does not happen when you have had your colours analysed. Why not take a look at my website to see what a colour session with me entails.

Makeup colours.

If you are not looking to buy any new clothes you always update your makeup, to update your look. A new lipstick can really update your outfit, as can a nice nail polish. It is just important to get the right colours in your makeup too.

Warm skin tone (Spring & Autumn) – all gold, peach, and apricot makeup colours. Eyeliners can be moss green, soft brown of coffee coloured but avoid wearing black. Mascara should be brown rather than black which is too heavy. (I sometimes wear brown/black). Eye shadows moss, peach gold, and soft brown. Lip colours go for terracotta, brick red, coper, peach and coral.

Cool skin tone (Winter & Summer) – steer away from any warm tones. Eyeliner could be blue, grey or violet and eye shadows in pinks, blues, lilacs, and greys, will look great. Lipstick should be pink, burgundy, fuchsia, and rose coloured. You would look good in a red lip, but make sure it is a blue red and no hint of orange.


Tropic complete colour palette

I have been using Tropic skin care range for several years. Why? because they are organic across the most of their core skincare. Not only that they have sustainable product packaging (hello recycled plastic). They have their inner bottle technology, which is a state of the art green, refillable innovation that isn’t just new to Tropic. I just love the product so much I decided to join as an ambassador not to build a business but to share the love to the product with my friends and be able to buy the product for myself at a discount.

Since joining the company, I have had the opportunity to try some of the makeup which previously I had not bought. The Mascara is fabulous and has some extension fibres you can buy to add to the mascara if you like to add more drama.

One of the things I love the most in the makeup range is the makeup palette which you can add all your favourites too, and they are all in one place. In mine I have a bronzer, blusher, three eye shadow and a brow powder, these you can customise to what you want. These are particularly good when you are going away and the good thing is when they run out you pop them out of the palette and order a replacement. My most recent makeup purchase is the mineral foundation which I love. It is easy to apply with the Kabuki brush which has velvet soft fibres in a gentle dome shape to achieve a flawless application.

I cannot recommend this product more and if you would like to try please visit my website or get in touch.

To sum up

Do bring some colour into your life, it will not only make you look good but feel good too. Use it in your clothes, accessories, or your makeup. If you would like any help or advice do get in touch as I would love to hear from you.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!


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