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Do you feel you have to dress age appropriate?

Do you feel you have to dress age appropriate?
Do you feel you have to dress age appropriate?

Do you feel you have to dress age appropriate? Well, what is that exactly? My grandma always looked the same for as long as I remember, and my mum had me at age 21yrs so she was not always old. She had white hair, wore twin sets and pearls, midi length skirts and elasticated trousers.  I can think back to school age when she was still quite a young woman wearing the same.

You are never too old to look good.

Do you sometimes feel you cannot be bothered?  Just grab any old thing out of the wardrobe. It could be the jumper you wore yesterday that is still hanging on the chair and an old pair of jeans. No-one is coming to the house today, so it does not matter. BUT what about dressing for you?

Yes, I do have days when I feel like that, but I choose to wear something uplifting, particularly if I am feeling down. I have a passion for colour because of the way it makes you look and feel. Sometimes, life gets in the way and the last thing you want to do is put on a full makeup and choose an outfit to dress to impress. But most of the time I do make the effort to put an outfit together but I do not usually wear a full make up. I am a wash n go sort of girl. To me the most important thing is to choose a colour that I know will make me feel good.

Do you feel you have to dress age appropriate?

When my stepson had his little boy he said, “I was too young to be called Grandma because I didn’t look like a grandma,” but I guess I don’t dress like my grandma did all those years ago. By the time you get to middle age you will already have your own sense of style and know what suits you. It’s more about dressing for your body shape and style personality rather than following fashion.

What comes to mind when we talk age appropriate.  Short skirts, low cut necklines, skin-tight leather trousers, or transparent fabrics? For me miniskirts, flashing a lot of leg and generally flashing the flesh. The general rule of thumb with wear a short skirt or a low-cut top but not both. What it comes down to is dressing to bring out the best bits and play down the bits you do not like about your body.

Do you feel you have to dress age appropriate?

If you have great legs show them off. If you have a good bust make the most of it, but make sure you are wearing a good fitting bra to make the most of your assets. Good underwear will always be a good foundation for your clothes so are very important to get the look right.

If you are unsure as to your style, think about someone in the public eye who’s style you love, who has a similar figure to you. For me I always admired Lady Diana, I loved her casual look as well as her outfits when she was working. Obviously, I could not afford to buy the designers she wore but I could copy the style she wore. High street stores were only to quick to copy her designer dresses and make them available to the public at an affordable price.

Wear what you love.

If you are wearing the right colours for you, and clothes to make the most of your figure you cannot go wrong. Knowing you look good, will make you feel good too, giving you confidence. For me, it is important to love what you are wearing. I do not think “is this outfit age appropriate”, if it looks nice and is in the colour and style to suit my body shape that’s all I worry about it. I like to follow fashion but if the style does not work for me, I do not indulge.

If you need any help with knowing your colours or what style would suit you, please do get in touch. You can visit my website for information on the services I offer or do give me a call for a chat, I would love to hear from you.

Fashion is temporary style is permanent.


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