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Make your sales shopping work for you.

Make your sales shopping work for you. I hope you had a good Christmas, some family time and some-time to chill. Or did you venture to the sales straight after Christmas? This year I noticed that all the sales started online some as early as the 23rd of December which saves the rush to the stores straight after Christmas. I must admit I do love a bargain, but you must be sure that it is something that you love and need for it to be a bargain. Too often we are sucked in by the sale price and think look at what I am saving, but you are not saving, if this is just going to clog up your wardrobe and you are never going to wear.  Make your sales shopping work for youAre these items current stock reduced? Some sales are very genuine with items that have been reduced as stock that has not sold.  You will know if you have been shopping in the store before Christmas as you will recognise them as current stock. They could be odd sizes, end of lines and have genuine reductions.  Others are items that for whatever reason have not sold. Sometimes, there may be a full rack of items all the same in every size. Also check the amount that it has been reduced by as sometimes it is very little, and others are up to half price. This tells me that it did not sell for whatever reason.  When this…

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Are Black Friday deals all they are cracked up to be?

Are Black Friday deals all they are cracked up to be? Are Black Friday deals all they are cracked up to be? It is best to view these deals as you do in sale time. There are some great deals out there with so many retailers offering 20/25% off the retail price. This is great if this is something you were already going to buy. However, you need to ask yourself these questions before you buy. Can I afford it? Do I need it? (It’s not a bargain if you do not need) Is it a good price? Do your homework first. Depending on what you are purchasing, if it is an item sold in lots of places check out the prices. One retailer discounted price might be another’s retail price. The important thing is to only purchase what you can afford and need. It is not too early to start your Christmas shopping. I have just returned from a few days in Glastonbury. As we were going to see the carnival we decided to stay just outside the city. We got the bus into the city and walked home after the carnival as we knew that all the roads would be closed. Staying in Street right opposite our hotel was the Clarks Outlet. Well, it would have been rude not to go and look. The outlet was huge with a great choice of shops and there where people walking around with lots of shopping bags, so for sure many…

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