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Wearing colour is important to looking and feeling good.

Wearing colour is important to looking and feeling good.
Wearing colour is important to looking and feeling good.

I am a Colour and Style Coach so it is obvious that I would advocate to wear colour, but there is a good reason why I teach and share this. Read on to find out why wearing colour is so important to looking and feeling good.  I love sharing my knowledge.

Why do I love colour so much?

  • Wearing colour not only makes you look great but feel great too.
  • It makes you feel more alive and energised.
  • You can use colour to enhance your look.
  • Wearing the right colours brings out the best in you.
  • It shows your own sense of style.
  • Brings out the fun playful part of your personality.
  • It makes your outfit look interesting allowing you to draw the eye where you want.

That’s why wearing colour is so important to me. If I was to wear all grey, I would feel grey. I would look lifeless, boring and have no energy. I used to dress like this for the city in a grey suit and white shirt and I often wondered why I felt the way I did. I now know different.

Wearing colour is important to looking and feeling good.

Before I trained as a Colour and Style Coach, I knew that when I wore some colours, I used to get lots of compliments and others I didn’t. Being in the City in the late 80’s the uniform then, was power suits in black and grey mainly. At that time, I was recruiting for the Banks in the City, and it was all very conservative. How times have changed, people now love to wear colour, from the palest to the very brightest.

You can still dress conservatively without wearing Black or Grey

If you work in a very conservative environment and need to look smart you can do so, without wearing black the safe option. Have you thought about Navy? This is a very good base colour which lots of other colours work well with. Please don’t chose to wear navy with white as it is so boring. You need to add some colour.  Here are a few colours to try pink, orange, mustard, or green (Yes blue and green do go together). Also try another shade of blue, teal, any of the pastel colours, the list goes on. There is so much choice out there now, have some fun and enjoy putting your outfits together.

Other alternatives to your trustee black trousers.

We all have a pair of black trousers in our wardrobe I am sure but what other colours could we choose instead. Navy, French Navy, Grey, Dark Purple, Green, Khaki, Teal, Burgundy, Brown, Camel, and Rust. These are all dark colours which will still have the slimming effect you get from wearing black which is what clients say is the main reason for wearing black. They are all good colours to wear in trousers that you can wear many colours with. Perhaps it is worth experimenting and trying other options.

Use nature to find your colour combinations.

If you can see a colour combination in nature you know that it works. Think of the plants in your garden and get your inspiration from there.

If black is your go to colour here is how to wear it.

I never understand why ladies choose to wear all black. To me it is a draining colour in both energy and in your complexion and can make your face look drawn and tired. If you must wear black as that is your uniform, then try to accessorise with some colour. Nobody will know if you are wearing red underwear, but you will get some energy that way. Wear a coloured blouse or top underneath your jacket. If you wear a plain top, then you can accessorise with a statement-coloured necklace or perhaps a scarf. Shoes and hand bags also add colour to an outfit. The little black dress can be accessorised as above.

Why wearing the right colour is so important.

I think that by wearing colour you can add your personality to your outfit. You can go as bright as you dare or if you are happy in pastels that’s fine too. Now of course you do need to wear the right colours of you. This is very important, and I can help you with that so please do get in touch if you need any help and visit my website for my services or contact me on my details below.

My name is Sandra, and I am colour and style coach based in Chelmsford Essex. Colour is my passion and I love to help ladies find out which colours best suit them. This can be very liberating, giving ladies confidence to be the very best version of themselves and make great changes in their lives.


I have written several blogs about finding your own unique colour pallet and why it is so important and what difference it can make to you and your life.  Check out this blog I have a passion for colour find out why?

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