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I have a passion for colour, find out why

I have a passion for colour, find ut why
I have a passion for colour, find out why

I have a passion for colour, find out why

Colour is very important to me because of the way it makes me look and feel. Sharing this knowledge is one of my passions and showing other ladies how to embrace colour is very rewarding. Seeing the realisation of ladies faces when I show them the difference of wearing different colours. Also, the way to put different colours together in many combinations. These colour here are my best colours. Ever wanted to find out what your colours are? If you do please do get in touch or visit my website for full details what a Colour Analysis Session involves.

Colour Therapy

I am a Colour & Style coach and have had the training to do that. I am also trained in Colour Therapy and understand the healing properties that colour has, and I combine the two when I am with my clients.

We are made up of energy. When you go through life’s challenges your energy system may become depleted of its optimum balance. You can work with colour to replenish what is needed and bring your body back to balance.

The Psychological Effects of Colour

Have you ever thought why hospitals are always painted a pale blue or green?  It has been proven that those colours help the patients relax more. When people are waiting to go on air on the TV they are waiting in the “Green Room” That is also because the green is a relaxing colour.  Each colour has its own healing qualities and can be used alongside traditional treatments in aiding recovery.

  • Red is a vibrant colour that can give you energy.
  • Red is the colour of love
  • Blue is calming, the colour of logic the sky and the ocean
  • Green, we think of nature, and think of balance and harmony
  • Pink is feminine and give the message you are gentle, calming and affectionate
  • Yellow is energising and uplifting and encourages positivity. Don’t wear when you are nervous as it will give you the jitters.
  • Purple is a spiritual colour from the very brightest to the lightest lavender
  • Brown solid and reliable, an earthy colour and one of nature.

Colours in our foods

We all want to eat healthy and to choose foods that are feeding our body in the best way. Choose foods that are the most vibrant in colour. All fruits and vegetables particularly and see how colourful you can make your plate. Fill your body with colour in good food.

Colour Healing

This is a big subject, but healing can be done in many ways, here are a few of the popular ways to use in colour healing

  • Wearing colour
  • Crystal healing
  • Colour meditation
  • Essential oils and colour healing
  • Colour breathing
  • Visualising colour

Colour in your home

When you are decorating your home be aware of which colour you are painting in each room. Bedrooms are often painted blue as it is a calming colour, and you want to create a peaceful place to sleep. If you were to paint a room with very vibrant colours like red make sure it is only on an accent wall and not all over as it could cause conflict.

The colours that you wear

This is my true passion, and I love to help ladies find their own true colours and bring out the very best in them. It is fantastic for them to become the best version of themselves. This is amazing to see my clients just light up with the right colours and watch them grow as they introduce these colours into their lives. For some ladies it is life changing as they finally get the recognition they deserve in the workplace or perhaps they just become visible again. For more details about a colour consultation with me visit my website

I have a passion for colour, find out why

So, you can see that colour plays a huge part of our lives. As a Colour & Style Coach I have always known that. I know myself if I need to feel calm I wear my own version of green or pink but if I need uplifting I would choose red or orange.

This is what lead me to learn about the healing properties of colour which I have found very interesting. More and more people are turning to complementary therapies and colour healing is one of those.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!


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