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My tips on what to wear to keep cool in the heatwave

My tips on what to wear to keep cool in the heatwave
My tips on what to wear to keep cool in the heatwave

With temperature’s rising and set to stay hot, we need to be mindful of what we choose to wear to keep cool. We all know we need to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. If you are thirsty then you are already in need of water, what you need to do is drink before that happens. Have a water bottle on your desk and sip throughout the day. Here are my tips on what to wear to keep cool in the heatwave.

My tips on what to wear to keep cool in the heatwave


It helps to wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen as they are more able to breath and avoid anything with nylon which will make you hot.


We all want to feel comfortable so do take care when choosing underwear to wear in the hot weather. For me it has to be cotton all the way. I often suggest that you go up a size in knickers as there is nothing worse if they are too tight and cutting into flesh. Go for a regular bra fitting as it is so important to make a great undercoat for your clothes. In this heat I go for the bras that are not underwired for a more natural look and these are often in a cotton fabric.


Colours are so important, white will reflect the light whereas black will absorb it. Therefore, there are so many lighter coloured fabrics in the summer and in the winter, we wear the darker colours as they retain the heat. This reminds me of a story when I was in Portugal, and I had a Portuguese boyfriend.  We were going out one afternoon and I was wearing a black top (this was before I knew what I know now) He said to me what are you looking to do cook yourself? After I started my colour journey, I know how true that is.


Dresses are my favourite in the very hot weather as I find things around the waist uncomfortable. I love the shift dresses in M&S or Next, they bring out new colours every year because they are so popular. Choose a dress that hangs from the shoulders or bust line as they will be cooler to wear.

If trousers are your thing, a loose-fitting linen or cotton trouser and wear your t/shirt or blouse outside. Whilst working at home I have been wearing one of my sarongs with a bra top and it has been lovely and cool. If you are sitting in the car or travelling anywhere a maxi dress or a long cotton skirt is good as it stops your legs sticking together.

To summarise

Choose a material that is not going to be too hot, in a light colour that will reflect the heat. Loose fitting clothes that will not restrict your movement and allow the fabrics to breath. Clip your hair off you neck if you can. If you are going outside in the heat, make sure you have a good sunscreen on.  A pair of good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes and a hat. Yes, I hate wearing a hat as I can never get one to fit that stays on, but it is a must when it is very hot.

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