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Shop your own wardrobe before going shopping

Shop your own wardrobe before going shopping
Shop your own wardrobe before going shopping

Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe? This is an interesting one, as you will find items that you did not realise you had. This often happens when you are decluttering. Have you ever bought a new top, only to find when you get home, that you already have a similar one in your wardrobe?

You may not have the same amount of funds available to spend on clothes.

As times are quite different and perhaps, we may not have the funds now to buy new clothes, why not look at what you already have. This is a great time to do this as we have been putting away our winter clothes and getting out our summer ones. It is always lovely when we find those hidden gems, items that you had forgotten you had. There will be items that no longer serve you that you need to let go.


  • Any that are worn out.
  • Ones that do not fit you anymore.
  • Items that are not in your colour or no longer fit your style.

Getting rid of clothes that no longer serve you.

We need to let go anything that is not working in our wardrobe, if we are not wearing it for some reason, why not? If you no longer love it, and love wearing it, then it is time to let it go. Once you have a smaller wardrobe you are able to see what you do have. Then you can see the gaps and shop with purpose for the items you need.

It is nice to have new things, but you get satisfaction in rediscovering an old favourite, it almost feels like a windfall.

Find new ways to style existing items in your wardrobe

Instead of styling the same bottom with the same top, look at other items in your wardrobe to make an alternative outfit. I know people who when they go shopping, they buy a complete outfit and only wear those items that way. This is such a shame as each item can be worn in so many ways to make more outfits. It is one of the things I say to my clients who come for a colour consultation. Once you know your colours, everything will mix, and match and you will need less clothes to make more outfits. For details about a Colour Consultation please follow this link to my website

Shop your own wardrobe before going shopping

I think most women have too many clothes in their wardrobes and so they are unable to see what they do have. Sometimes we go out to buy something to go with a new item without looking at what we already have. We have all done it me included, and so how do we remedy this. Firstly, when purchasing something new, think about what you already have in your wardrobe that it will go with. If you have nothing in your wardrobe that it goes with, the chances are you need to question what you are buying.

Save money & save time

Who does not want to do that? It may seem like a lot of effort to streamline your wardrobe, but once you have, it will save you shopping time and money. You can then get organised; you will know exactly what clothes you have and the many ways you can wear them.

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