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I get my inspiration for colour combinations from nature

My trainer always said to me that nature never gets if wrong and she is so right. In this blog I will give you some ideas by looking at things in nature and transferring the colours into what you wear. I get my inspiration for colour combinations from nature.


I get my inspiration for colour combinations from nature.

We have all heard to saying, “Blue and green should never be seen unless there is a colour in between” This is so not true these days. Green with denim is a great combination because there are so many shades of green and blue to choose from. Navy and a bright green look great together and make a great combination for a wedding outfit. What is important is that you choose two warm colours or two cool colours which will tone with each other.

Here I have found a lovely t/shirt in a green stripe which is shown here with a pair of denim jeans and as you can see it is a great combination. This is from next at £20 and would also look great with a pair of white or cream jeans or chinos.

Use colourful jewellery & accessories

Use colourful jewellery, and accessories when putting your outfits together. Coloured necklaces are a good choice. Scarves are usually full of bright colours and make a great addition to any outfit. Coloured shoes and handbags also help to make a well put together outfit.


I get my inspiration for colour combinations from nature.

If you are a Winter or Summer these two colours look fab together, a dark winter green and a bright pink in whatever combination you choose. For ladies who are a summer I would suggest that you choose a lighter purple/lilac for a softer look. It is best if you carry your weight around the middle to put a dark colour on the bottom. The purple does not have to be a block colour it would be a floral print. The smaller you are the smaller the print and if you have a larger frame choose a large print.


Nature never gets it’s wrong

However, if you are a Spring or Autumn, try these lovely shades of bright green with an orange red. These two make a  great colour combination. If you are an autumn and these bright red colours are too bright for you can tone them down and perhaps go for more of a peach colour. You don’t want your clothes to wear you so all you see is the colour and not the person.




Nature inspires me to make great colour combinations.

Look at how all the colours seem to just blend and go with each other. Have fun with it and try putting different colours together, making different combinations. It does not have to be a green as a base colour it could be a navy, a dark purple. Orange and purple look great as do orange and navy.

It is important to have some fun with colour.

The important thing is to have some fun with colour. Don’t head to your trustee black trousers and white top try experimenting with different colour options. Wearing colour will make you look and feel better. Each colour vibrates at its own frequency and offers different levels of energy. Find out which level of energy you need to look, and feel fantastic. If you would like more details about colour and how each colour, make you look and feel do get in touch. Details of my colour consultations can be found on my website

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