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What does Chelmsford have to offer for some retail therapy?

So many of the shops I used to use have now closed in Chelmsford. I am not a lover of ordering online myself, as I am always so disappointed when they arrive. The colours are always different, and you can never tell much about the fabric online. I have a personal shopping client soon and wanted to have a good look around Chelmsford to what is available. Failing that it would be a trip to Lakeside.

What does Chelmsford have to offer for some retail therapy?
What does Chelmsford have to offer for some retail therapy?

What does Chelmsford have to offer for some retail therapy?

One shop that I always loved visiting when I went into London was Oliver Bonas and now, we have one in Bond Street Chelmsford. This store is like a small department store as it sells ladies clothes, jewellery accessories, and home wear. It is like a little treasure trove. Here is picture that I took this week and as you can see, I homed in on my favourite colours. You can purchase a whole outfit in here dress or separates, handbag jewellery, and even hair accessories. This is on my list of shops to visit. The advantage of having a store in town is you can return online orders to the store.

Fat Face & White Stuff

These are two shops I have not shopped in until recently when my usual stores disappeared. They offer a more casual daytime look so it depends on what type of outfit you are looking for. They both use ethically scorched cotton which feels nice on the skin.


Phase Eight

This is the place to come to if you are looking for something to wear for a special occasion. They have a good range of long and short dresses so I would visit for something special.

John Lewis

This is the only department store left in town now that Debenhams has closed. This is a beautiful store filled with concessions and a small section of their own brand. If you are looking for store that has lots of variety this would be it. You can shop for almost any outfit here which is why this is a good store to head to when Personal Shopping. They also have a coffee bar and restaurant when you need a break.

Marks & Spencer

This is a good shop for the basics, I shop here for my underwear, trousers (as they do a long length) and plain tops. If you order online from here you can have them delivered into store, to save paying for postage. In fact, the online store is very good and has stocks from many different stores and of course if they are unsuitable, they can be returned to store.


This store often gets confused as being a store for the younger lady but don’t be put off it is worth a visit. If you are looking for clothes to wear to the office at a reasonable price they do a good range of skirts, trousers, and shirts. This store has different price ranges and styles, so you do need to have a good look round.


Next is a favourite of mine, but if you are in Chelmsford, I would recommend you visit the Chelmer Village Store, rather than the one in town as this store is so much bigger. This is a great place to go for most things, but online there is a greater choice but at least we do have a store to visit. You can also return online orders to store like M&S


Now this store is worth a visit, it has many concessions in here, some I have not heard of but there is plenty of choice and currently has a good range of summer clothes.

What does Chelmsford have to offer for some retail therapy?

In answer to this question, I think Chelmsford does have a lot to offer if you are looking to update your wardrobe.

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