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How to update your look in a few easy steps.

How to update your look in a few easy steps.
How to update your look in a few easy steps.

Are you in style rut and need to update your look? Read on for some ideas on how to update your look in a few easy steps. Sometimes and can the easiest of things that can transform an outfit.

How to update your look in a few easy steps.


We all live busy lives and so many ladies I see now have what I call a wash and go look. Which I am not saying is not good but think what I difference it would make to you face is you wore a brighter lipstick. A good lipstick will brighten the whole face. Personally, I do not like the fake tan look, but a light tinted moisturiser works well particularly in the summer and a hint of blusher. I wouldn’t go out without my mascara but don’t bother with eye shadow unless I am going out out!!


Your hair is the most important, as it is the outfit you wear every day. A good hair cut (and colour if you need too) makes all the difference. Next you need to wear you best smile as this will attract people to come and talk to you. So, with your hair looking nice and good makeup you are ready to apply the clothes.

Add a pop of colour

Wherever you put the colour in your outfit is where you will draw the eye. If you are concerned about your tummy area, put the colour elsewhere and wear your dark colours in that area. Normally, I would put the colour in my top (blouse, top or t/shirt) The colour then will bounce up onto your face.

Colour combinations

Look for different colour combinations. Instead of going for the trustee navy and white, wear a colour with the navy like pink, red, orange, mid blue, the list goes on. If you can see the colour combination in nature you know that it works.

Scarves & Jewellery

These are a great way of adding colour to your outfit. A small scarf in the summer or a coloured necklace will make an outfit.

Update your glasses

Who says glasses must be plain and boring? There are some lovely frames out there at affordable prices (you don’t have to have designer frames). If you don’t wear normal glasses, you may have readers and they really can be bright and funky. When I worked at Wallis I got known as the lady with the red glasses. Customers came in asking for me, so that was what i was known for.

Add some movement and texture to your clothes.

I do like fitted clothes, but I also like to feel comfortable in what I wear. Try wear skirts that have a swishing effect, they will skim your hips and add movement to your outfit. It is also nice to choose textured fabrics to add to your style.

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