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Dress yourself to look slimmer

Yes, that is right you can dress yourself to look slimmer using clothes and accessories to bring out the best in you. Read on to find out my best tips.

Choose the right size

When I worked in a retail store so many ladies were obsessed with buying a certain size and did not want to go up a size. If you are a normal size 12 and this size is too small and pulling in the wrong places, try the next size. In the larger size will look so much better as it will hang better and skim the areas you want to hide.

Try looking at your posture.

This can make so much difference, try standing up tall with your shoulders back and this will automatically pull your tummy in. Growing up I didn’t like being tall and tried to give the impression of not being tall. Now however I stand tall like a giraffe proud of my height.

Wear the right underwear.

Your underwear is the undercoat to your outfit so make it good. It will make or break the look there is nothing worse than seeing lots of lumps and bumps. You can slim your body lines with the right underwear and avoid the visual panty line (VPL). I not a lover of the garments that are supposed to hold in your tummy as I believe that the fat must go somewhere, which is usually around the muffing top area. If you do want to wear this type of underwear do choose a larger size to what you normally wear.

Dress yourself to look slimmer
Dress yourself to look slimmer

Invest in a good fitting pair of jeans.

You do not need oodles of pairs of jeans so invest in one good pair. Take care when choosing a pair as too much stretch will accentuate any lumps and bumps. I would go for a medium rise of high waisted jean which will smooth out your curves giving you a nice shape. Fit and flare jeans will make your legs look longer. If you carry your weight on your bottom half wear a dark denim and leave the softer pale colours for the younger women.

Leave your jacket/cardigan undone.

If you are wearing a jacket always leave it undone as this will have a slimming effect with a top underneath. The clean lines of the fitted blazer will work with your curves and if you don’t have curves will give the illusion of a waist.


You can use jewellery to draw the eye down and can add length to a short neck and bring attention away from your hips. If you are wearing a necklace in the neck area or big bold earrings, you are saying look at my face. If bracelets are your thing that will draw the attention away from your upper arms.


If you need to add some height, you can do so by wearing a heal, the taller you are the slimmer you will look. I am already tall and don’t wear heals but you can choose a platform trainer if heals are not your thing. If you are looking for extra height try wearing the same coloured show as the trousers you are wearing. This will give the illusion of being taller.

Dress in one colour top to toe.

Wearing one block colour creates a vertical line which makes you look taller and thinner. The darker the colour the more slimming it will be. Therefore, so many ladies are the lover of the little black dress, but the dress does not have to be black it can be any dark colour.

Stripes yes or no?

If we are aiming to slim body lines horizontal stripes are a definite no no unless you have a very slim figure. Vertical lines give a long lean line. Trousers often have a stripe down the side which gives the illusion of your legs going on forever. It also works well in a cotton striped shirt worn outside you trouser it gives that long clean lines.

Learn how to style your body shape

If you are interested in a style consultation, please do get in touch, or visit my website for details of what a consultation involves. Alternatively, you can purchase my ebook “How to style your body shape and become the best version of you” which explains how to define your body shape and then how to make the most of your figure

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2 thoughts on “Dress yourself to look slimmer

  1. Lots of useful tips here Sandra.

    I love my cowboy boots for making legs look that bit longer.

    1. Cowboy boots are back in fashion and if you have a pair you will be bang up to date

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