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What should you wear to face to face networking

What should you wear to face to face networking
What should you wear to face to face networking

Have you returned to face -to- face networking? I have, but then I never did enjoy networking online. As I am my own shop window, I much prefer to work face to face. For some people attending a live event brings another problem what to wear. We are always being told that people will make an opinion of you in the first 60 seconds of meeting you, before you have even spoken. So how do we do that? Read on to find our what you should wear to a networking event.

What should you wear to face to face networking?

As a Colour & Style Coach I feel the pressure more than anybody as no one would expect me to get it wrong. So yes, it is important to make the right choices. People will remember you for what you wear, so by wearing the right colours and the right style go a long way to achieving the perfect look. Here are my tips on what to wear for a face-to-face networking event.

Is a suit the way to go?

When I started networking many years ago it was a ladies networking group and I would say that 75% of the ladies were either wearing suits, or jackets with a skirt or trousers. One thing I noticed was that out of those ladies only a handful were comfortable in what they were wearing, and it showed. You can look smart without wearing a suit.

Dress to suit your personality

People buy people, so it is important to get your personality across and you can do that by how you put your outfits together. If you are wearing a plain dress add some jewellery, or a scarf and team it up with a colour shrug or cardigan. Avoid wearing all black as this can make you unapproachable. Black is also a very negative colour and will deplete you of energy. Wear another dark colour on areas you do not want to highlight. Make sure you wear smart shoes and carry a nice handbag, don’t spoil an outfit with poor accessories. It also goes without saying that you should have clean hair, nice makeup, no chipped nails, holes in your tights or dirty shoes.

Choose something you feel comfortable in

The point is you must feel comfortable, if the service you are offering is in a relaxed environment, then you can dress that way. Most people are nervous enough going to networking events so make the experience easy for yourself. Choose something that you love and love wearing. We all have things in our wardrobes that we know we are going to get some great comments when we wear them.

  • A smart dress
  • Smart trousers with a nice top
  • Skirt and top

I have seen ladies in a jumpsuit, culottes whatever you feel good in and you love wearing for me is the key. Just bear in mind this is a business event so beware of flashing too much flesh.

Should I wear my uniform?

I would say yes if you had a uniform that is a great way to promote your business. Many therapists wear their uniform and companies that wear polo shirt with logos on. After all you are there to promote your business and people will remember you for what you are wearing so a great idea.

What should you wear to face to face networking?

So, to sum up then. Choose something you know that you look good in and you feel comfortable in too, as this will give you confidence. Get out your outfit the night before and hang with all the accessories you plan to wear with it. Make sure you pack your bag for the next day before you go to bed to save time in the morning. You don’t want to leave those important business cards at home.

Turn up in plenty of time, as there is always free networking before the start. The most important thing of all is to wear a smile. This makes you very approachable, everyone loves a friendly face, so you will be the one everyone wants to talk too.

We have all heard about the law of attraction, if you are looking confident and are passionate about what you do it will show in your face, your eyes will light up. Couple this with a positive attitude and you will attract back to you what you are putting out. Have some fun with it, but if you need any advice do not hesitate to get in contact.

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