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Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone?

Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone?
Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone?

When you think of autumn colours you think of orange, yellow, mustard, rust, brown and green. These colours all have. Warm undertone and therefore only good for a warm skin tone. So, can people with a cool skin tone wear these warm colours? In this blog I am going to tell you how you can adapt these warm colours for a cool skin tone.

Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone?

Let’s look at an autumn scene. I love it when the leaves all change colour and fall from the trees as the colours are just gorgeous. The most obvious colours are the ones I have just mentioned. If you have a cool skin tone these colours would not look good if they are worn up next to your face. However, there is nothing to stop you using these colours in your accessories. You could have a yellow handbag or rust coloured shoes as these are not next to your face.

How can I adapt the autumn colours to suit a cool skin tone?

There are cool colours that are found in the autumn leaves and trees, but you just have to look for them. Good base colours like a brown/black, forest green, burgundy, dark teal, and dark red. These colours are found in the autumn but are more commonly found in the winter. What is important is the undertone of the colour and a cool colour will have a blue undertone.

These are the cool versions of autumn

Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone?
Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone?

These colours here are all cool colours and could be the cool version of autumn. We have dark brown/black, burgundy, aubergine, and dark green. All these colours have a blue undertone which works well with a cool skin tone. You can also add a dark cherry red, and a deep purple. If you think of the warm autumn tones of Yellow, mustard, rust and brown which all have a yellow undertone.


In answer to my question Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone? the answer is No. But you can wear a cool version of those autumn colours.  The brown/black is the cool version of brown. The burgundy is the cool version of rust and so on. There are warm and cool versions of green so there is a shade out there for everyone.

Knowledge is power.

My life changed when I started on my colour journey and understanding colour gave me the confidence to be who I wanted to be. I used to blend into the background as I wore beige as I wanted to blend in, and I got lost. Finding colour was the beginning for me of a fantastic journey, which I now want to share with other women who want to be noticed and not blend in. Wearing colour gets you noticed, and wearing the right colours gives you the confidence to be the best version of you. If you are interested in finding which colours work for you do get in touch. Have a look at lasts week’s blog which explains what a colour consultation with me includes. Or, visit my website. I would love to hear from you.

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3 thoughts on “Can you wear autumn colours with a cool skin tone?

  1. Thank you Sandra. I usually wear them on my lower half .. love that gorgeous green. Must look out for a thick t shirt or cotton jumper in that colour.

  2. I still can’t work out my season I have used an app that tells me I am a bright winter but I just can’t understand how when my eyes are a warm, very dark brown and my natural hair is copper red/brown. My skin is extremely pale with purple/blue veins and a tendency to flush. I cannot tan. I do not exist according to colour rules lol. I feel like the simplest solution would be to just dye my hair a cooler colour and lean into winter, but I like my natural colour. So conflicted

    1. It is very difficult to make a comment without seeing you and using my drapes to determine whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. From what you have said I am inclined to think that you are a cool skin tone because I work on the skin and not using the hair or eye colour. I would not change your hair colour but stay your natural colour. What happens when you were made, if Dad had a warm skin tone and mum was cool you could be either, Or you could be a combination of the two. I have done a couple of ladies who had such a mixed skin tone they could wear most colours. What I had to de was to find the most dominant which takes time but can be done. I hope that helps, if you are interested in having a colour consultation with me do get in touch.

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