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A Colour Consultation is so much more than finding your best colours.

A Colour Consultation is so much more than finding your best colours.
A Colour Consultation is so much more than finding your best colours.

I think that people have an idea about what a colour consultation involves, but until you experience it for yourself do you realise the benefits it has. A colour consultation is so much more than finding your best colours. I prefer to look upon them as colour coaching session. Yes, you learn which are the best colours for you, but also you learn WHY. This is very important because if you don’t learn why, you cannot move forward and evolve on your colour journey.

A Colour Consultation is so much more than finding your best colours.

Your colour journey starts at our first meeting and learn which colours are best for you and why. You will learn how to put different colour combinations. together. This process shows you that you need less clothes and be able to make more outfits. When you know what works for you, it makes putting outfits together so much easier. This enables you to able to build a capsule wardrobe that makes getting dressed each day so much easier.

I take a lot of photographs throughout our session so I can send them to you afterwards. I believe this to be a valuable part of the process as it gives you a reminder of our time together.  It is not possible to remember everything that is said in our meeting, and this is a record you can come back too. Some clients have reported that they print if off and hang in their wardrobe a a reference.

How does a colour session work?

Green Drapes
Green Drapes

The first thing I do is find out if you have a warm or cool skin tone and I do that by draping a series of colours to see how your skin reacts to the colours. Here I have an example of me in two different shades green. (Yes, unfortunately I do ask you to remove all your make up as it is easier to see how the colours work with your skin).

You can clearly see that the cool green on the left my cheek has dropped whilst the warm green on the right has lifted my cheek. The skin on the left is uneven whilst the warm green has evened out my skin tone. Unfortunately, the software package on my website puts a watermark on all my photographs and in this case right across my lips but you get the idea.

I continue this process using different coloured drapes until I am confident that we have the correct decision that you have one skin tone or the other. However, there are instances where some clients may have warm and cool tones in their skin and then we must find the most dominate. I always take plenty of time and do not rush the process as it is so important to get it right and if we leave the drapes to do their job it always comes good as your skin will tell you what it likes.

The next process is to decide the level of colour you like to wear.

I do not like to put people into boxes limiting them to which colours they can wear, and by putting them into a season can do that. When I trained it was to use the Colour Seasonal Twist System which allow twice as many colours for each season giving clients more colours to choose from. This way there is more choice of colours and I like to think of it as using the dimmer switch to brighten or soften the colour. This allows you to move between two warm or cool seasons if you would like too. Spring and Autumn can share colours and Winter and Summer can share colours.

A Colour Consultation is so much more than finding your best colours.
A Colour Consultation is so much more than finding your best colours.

Here I have my colour wands and the ones on the left are the cool colours and the ones on the right are my warm colours. Here we decide what level of colour is best for you, and more importantly how much and what level of colour are you happy to wear. Hopefully now you can see what I mean about turning up the volume of colour.

How things have changed in my colour journey

I first had my colours done many years ago, my husband bought it for me as a Christmas present. At the time I was told I was an autumn which is all the lovely colours you associate with autumn. I loved wearing those colours and still do today, but when I trained many years later, it was decided that I am more of a Spring. Now the reason for this is I enjoy wearing brighter colours and my skin also enjoys wearing the brighter colours too.

When I started out in Business long before I became a colour consultant, I was quite shy and wanted to blend in rather than shine, so the more muted colours worked for me then. As I have grown as a person, I now have more confidence and enjoy the feeling of a more energetic colour. I am more confident in putting colours together because of my knowledge. Also, I have learnt the psychology of colour and all the healing aspect of colour too. Colour is so much more than what you wear.

Do you change from season to season as you grow older?

Once you are a warm, you will always be a warm, even if you let your hair go grey. I have heard people say I was an autumn and now I am a winter as I have gone grey and that is not the case. The base colour of your skin does not change but it may fade. As an example, you may start out a cool winter with dark hair, as you age your hair gets lighter and your skin may fade. At this time you may decide you do not want to wear the same level of colour you wore as a young woman. So, what you can do is turn down the colour dimmer switch and wear more muted cool summer shades.

Do I need to have my colours done more than once?

If you have had your colours done many years ago it is always an idea to have a refresh this will allow for new shades that you had not thought of wearing before. All the time, companies are coming up with new colours to choose from, there is so much variety out there now which perhaps there was not before. You may fit into the category of the above and feel that you do not want to wear the level of colour that you do now. I am happy to have a chat, If you would like to do that or you can visit my website for full details on a Colour Consultation.

Psychology of colour

Different colours make you feel a different way and it is knowing what will work for you in different situations. As an example, you will not want to wear a bright red track suit for a long-haul flight as you will not be able to sleep. The colour is too energetic, I would suggest a more calming soft green or blue. If you feel like being kind to yourself, choose a pink or green to wear the colours of the heart chakra. All colours have their properties and can be used for healing purposes and used to feel better about ourselves. There is so much to learn about colour.

Are you ready to start your colour journey?

If you are ready to start your colour journey, I would love to be the one to hold your hand so to speak. Please feel free to have a look at my website and read my testimonials and see how I can help you. I am happy to have a chat just message or email me I would love to hear from you. This experience can be life changing. You will come away knowing that you look and feel fantastic giving you the confidence to be the best version of you. On lady told me that she kept getting overlooked for promotion because she just blended in. After having her colours done, she got noticed and got the promotion she deserved.

After a colour consultation your will

  • Look and feel fantastic in everything you wear
  • Get noticed for who you are
  • Be feeling confident as you know that you look fantastic
  • Have a wardrobe of clothes you love and love wearing

Do not be shy, make that investment in you, and become the best version of you.  Have a look on my website at my testimonials and see how I have helped other ladies in a similar position to you.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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