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My tips on how to use colour to increase your energy

My tips on how to use colour to increase your energy
My tips on how to use colour to increase your energy

I want my clients to not only look good in their best colours, but I want them to feel good too. In this blog I am going to explain how colour can make you feel and sometimes the colours you need to wear you may not have thought of. Here are my tips on how to use colour to increase your energy.

My tips on how to use colour to increase your energy

We all know that we are all made up of energy and so are colours. Some vibrate very fast and others more slowly, which is why some give you energy whilst others will deplete your energy. By understanding the physiology of colour makes it so much easier to navigate.

I love red and orange, but these colours are not good to wear when you are relaxing as they vibrate and a high level and are energy giving colours. BUT they are good colours to wear when you need that extra boost of energy. I happen to know that I look good in those colours.  As someone who is always on the go, I need of that extra boost of energy too.

A friend told me about a lady that travelled on a long-haul flight in a bright red track suit and then wondered why she was unable to sleep. Now you know why.

Colour therapy

I wanted to know more about the Physiology of colour and so I did a course on colour therapy. I knew if I wore all grey, I felt all grey and I wanted to know why. Colour therapy works on the main seven chakra colours and like numerology you can work out your own colour by adding your birthdate and mine came out green. Funnily enough green was not a colour that I wore, not because I did not like it, but I just preferred other colours.

Green is the heart chakra and (I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve), so I decided to buy a green jumper to try out this theory. I purchased a moss green jumper which is in my colour pallet and as soon as I put it on, I felt good. I wore it to an event I went to with a friend, and I felt lovely all day. My body was telling me it was happy, and I felt nurtured it was as if I was getting a hug. The other colour she suggested I wore was pink which is also associated with the heart chakra. I also never wore pink, partly because it is not always easy to find a warm pink, but I bought some pink underwear to wear when I felt I needed too.

Use colour to raise your vibration.

Now I understood why colours were so important in aiding you to feel good. Sometimes you may get up in the morning and feel like you need that extra energy boost, whilst at others you need to relax and unwind in soft relaxing colours. There is so much online about raising your vibration to attract things into your life, and you can do that by using colour.

You can wear colours that have a strong vibration in your outfit, but not everyone will want to wear bright colours. If you are an autumn or summer, you are used to wearing more muted shades. This may well be enough to give you the energy you need.  However, if not you can wear the colour underneath, nobody knows if you are wearing red knickers or red socks in your boots.

Accessories are also another way to add colour, choose a statement necklace in a colour to bring your outfit alive. A scarf in some bright colours will always add to an outfit and in the winter brightens up a plain coat. I have a range of scarves and jewellery on my website you might like to have a look at.

Use colour in all areas of your life.

It is also important which colours you use to decorate your home. Do you want your bedroom to be a warm and relaxing place you are able to sleep. Just do not paint it all red as you will never get any sleep?  If you think of hospitals and doctors waiting rooms, they are always painted pale blue or cream relaxing colours so the patients do not get nervous. If you think of people waiting to go on TV, they are waiting in the green room. These colours are chosen for a reason.

Start your colour journey today.

Come and learn all about colour with me in a colour consultation and start your colour journey. Check out my website for full details of what a colour consultation  with me includes. If your partner or hubby does not know what to buy you for Christmas, I sell gift vouchers. A colour consultation makes a perfect gift for someone you love. I also see a range of scarves and accessories that make perfect Christmas gifts these are also on my website.

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