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How can I add colour to my mainly black wardrobe?

I meet so many lovely ladies who just love wearing black and when I ask why these are the answers I get.

  • Not sure which colours suit them
  • They do not want to stand out
  • Many ladies wear black because its slimming.

In this blog I am going to show you how you can add colour to your wardrobe. Whether you wear mainly black or if you just wear plain neutral colours and want to inject some colour. This blog will give you some ideas.

How can I add colour to my mainly black wardrobe?

I choose to wear colour for the way it makes me look and feel and therefore do not understand why someone would shy away from colour. Wearing colour does not have to be bright in your face colour. It could be muted pale colours if that is what your skin likes. Colour brings your face alive, and wearing the right colour, can do so much for you.  It can bring your face alive with less need to wear makeup, smooth out blemishes, bring out the colour of your hair and so much more. If you would like more details about what one of my Colour Consultations involves please check out my website.

Add a pop of colour to your outfit.

You can do this in many ways, if you are wearing a wrap top or dress put a colour camisole underneath. You could add a coloured cardigan or jacket to an outfit. As we are going into winter now try layering up your outfits using colour. There are lots of ways to add colour read on to find out more.

Scarves is a good way to add colour to your outfit.

I love a scarf and have loads of them in my wardrobe and I wear them all. They are a great way to add colour to a plain top to use as an accessory. Also, so many coats are in plain colours, adding a colourful scarf makes all the difference. Look at my website as I have a selection of scarves for all occasions, and they make great Christmas gifts.

How can I add colour to my mainly black wardrobe?
How can I add colour to my mainly black wardrobe?

Coloured Jewellery

For those of you who have had their colours done and know what season you are, I have a range of beaded necklaces and bracelets in the seasons. (I call them my smarties necklaces.) This is a great way to make that investment piece as it will compliment all your tops in your colour pallet.  I am wearing my spring one in this photograph. Wear when you are going shopping for clothes, and you have all your colours at your fingertips. You can view them here on my website.


I think belts are often underestimated.  They are a great way to style up an outfit to sow off your waist and adding colour and interest to your outfit. I have a plain red knitted dress and wear an animal print belt which really brings it alive.



How can I add colour to my mainly black wardrobe?

Wearing colour is very liberating and will make you look and feel fantastic. Have a play and try adding different things to your outfits and see if they work. I have a board on my Pinterest account showing different colour combinations you can try. If you would like to know more please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!


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