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Can everyone wear the colour green?

Yes, everyone can wear the colour green but it depends on the undertone of the colour and the level of colour you like to wear. A cool green will have a blue undertone and a warm green will have a yellow undertone.

The colour green comes in many shades, undertones and level of colour and it is about finding out which is right for you. Wear the wrong undertone and it will not look good on you. BUT wear the right undertone and level of colour it will

  • Give a lively look to the face.
  • Less need for makeup.
  • Bring out the colour of your eyes.
  • fade any lines or wrinkles

Warm and Cool Greens

Cool Green Blue Undertone
Cool Green Blue Undertone

So, it is important to get it right. Let’s look at some examples of warm and cool greens. Here we have two examples of a cool green and you can see that they have a blue undertone. These are not the only greens a cool person can wear but this is to just show you the difference. As a Winter you look nice in bright emerald greens. A Summer would like to turn the dimmer switch down and wear something a lot softer.





Warm Greens Yellow Undertone
Warm Greens Yellow Undertone

On the warm side the green will have a yellow undertone and here you can clearly see the difference. If you are a Spring, you can wear the brightest of the bright green some even the neon green . If you are an Autumn, you would choose this Olive green or even Khaki.






Why would you choose to wear green?

Green has many therapeutic qualities you might like to consider, it calms your nerves, and it helps reduce muscular tension. It represents balance and is situated at the dividing point between warm and cool colours. Green represents self-preservation. The negative side of green is jealousy when we say green with envy.

Wear green when you wish to appear calm and relaxed, but not when you want to appear pioneering or assertive. Green is the colour of nature ,and we lean towards green when we need balance or harmony. Green is also good for the heart as it aids relaxation.

I chose what colours to wear by how I feel each day.

If I feel like I need a hug or perhaps I might be feeling a little low I choose to wear pink or green or even the two together as they represent the heart charka. When I am working, and I need some energy or extra confidence I will wear my signature of bright red or orange. Writing a blog or email and need some inspiration I wear blue as this is the colour of logic. You do not have to wear these colours in your clothes you can always wear as underwear. Nobody will know if you are wearing red knickers or socks and it will still boost your energy.

Nature never gets it wrong.

If you can see a colour combination in nature, then you can wear it in a colour combination in your clothes. Check out a previous blog about the pink and green colour combination. Green is a great base colour as so many other colours will pair with it. Think of all the different coloured flowers you have in your garden and take your inspiration from there.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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