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Are you looking for speakers for your ladies’ group?

Are you looking for a speaker for your ladies group/WI?
Are you looking for a speaker for your ladies’ group

With the world slowly getting back to the new normal. If you are a member of a  Ladies’ group like the Women’s Institute, Townswomen’s Guild and similar would you be interested in booking a speaker for the autumn and beyond. I am a Colour and Style Coach and have three talks relating to colour and style that will be of interest to women of all ages. Are you looking for speakers for your ladies group?

Are you looking for speakers for your ladies’ group?

I have three talks that I am currently marketing.

  • Live your life in Colour
  • Great Ways to Tie Your Scarves
  • Zoom presentation – Colour & Style.

Live your life in colour

This is the most powerful talk of the three. I will be talking about how Colours effect how we look and feel.  All colours have an energy and effect how we feel  -some colours will give you energy whilst others will deplete you of energy.

I explain how wearing the wrong colours you can look stressed and tired but by wearing the right colours it can bring out the colours of your eyes, smooth out imperfections and give a youthful look to your whole face.

The system I use to find out which colours are best suited to each client is called the Colour Twist System. Colour co-ordinated clothes are an economical investment.  I will show how you will be able to buy less clothes and make more outfits.

I will follow this with a demonstration from a volunteer from the audience showing the effects of wearing different colours.

Great Ways to Tie Your Scarves.

This is always a popular one with the ladies’ groups as most women already have lots of scarves in their wardrobes but do not know how to tie them. This talk is an interactive one where I encourage ladies to bring along their scarves and have a go at some of my suggestions.  I have many ways to tie scarves, square ones, oblong and the large pashmina ones you name it and I have a way to tie it and happy for ladies to bring along any they are having trouble with.

Zoom Talk on Colour & Style.

This talk I wrote during the pandemic for groups that were meeting on Zoom. It covers a colour consultation talking about choosing the right colours for you skin tone. I have taken photographs of myself without makeup. I am showing myself in the right and wrong colours so you can see the difference. This is a powerful presentation and really shows the benefits of wearing the correct colours for you.

On the style side I share some of my style tips. How to make the most out of your clothes and show different ways for wearing them. I show how to accessorise your clothes to bring an outfit together.

Scarves & Accessories

During my talks I use my own scarves and accessories which ladies like to purchase on the day. On my display I carry a selection of scarves, jewellery and accessories ranging from £5 to £20. You can view my products on my website.

This week I attended the Halstead WI meeting which has held in one of the members gardens. This was so nice I set up on a table in the garden and all the members arrived with a garden chair and a flask of coffee. The rain held off and I did m tying scarves talk which all the ladies enjoyed. The rain stayed away, and I have been asked back to do my “Question of Colour” talk next year.

Are you looking for speakers for your ladies’ group?

If you are a member of a ladies’ group and think that your group would like one of my talks please pass my details on. For in person talks I cover 20 miles radios of Chelmsford. If it is my zoom talk then distance is not a problem.

Scarf Parties

I also offer Scarf Tying Parties if you would like to get a group of friends together (minimum 6 people). I can come to your house to deliver a workshop. On these occasions I charge £20 per person and for that they will receive a FREE scarf and all the instructions so you can re-create at home.

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I also have a Youtube channel where I store all my videos. Why not give me a call for a chat to find out how I can help you on 07786 632798. Or email me or visit my website 

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Find out which colours work best for you!!


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