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Are you looking to update your style?

Fed up of wearing what you have always worn? Are you in a style rut? Have you ever thought of re-inventing yourself and changing your style. 2023 is a new year and could be a new you too.

Are you looking to update your style
Are you looking to update your style

Are you looking to update your style?

We can so easily get into a style rut and buy what we have always bought. We are a creature of habit and tend to shop in the same shops and habitually buy the same things. Your black trousers need replacing and you go to back to the same place and buy a very similar pair.

This photograph was taking recently as my niece’s wedding in South Africa. This green is not a colour I wear very often, and I don’t know why. I got so many lovely comments on the day and when I have shared this picture on my social media the response was good. When I bought the dress a few years ago Ito go to another wedding bought two at the time and the other one was red. Which if you know me you know it is my favourite colour and so I wore that one and this has been sitting in my wardrobe since. I felt nice in this dress, it was comfortable, and it needed to be as it was 35c on the day and one I will enjoy wearing again.

Have you thought of shopping your own wardrobe?

This is exactly what I did when I knew I had another wedding to go to. I could not wear the red dress II wore to the last wedding as it was the other niece getting married. Sometimes, we can forget what we do have, particularly if it is not something that you wear regularly. Therefore, it is good to do a declutter every season.

Regularly look through your wardrobe and look at what you have. Pick out one of your favourite items and try to style it a different way to how you usually wear it. You want to get your wardrobe working for you, so all the items are worn in lots of different ways. This will also be a style re-vamp. Wearing clothes in different combinations will make the outfit look fresh and different.

As we mature our wardrobe changes

As we go through life our style evolves with us. In your 50’s you are not wearing what you wore in your 20’s and so your style changes with you. However, you may have some key pieces the same, but you are bound to be wearing them differently. Your situation changes, perhaps you are at home bringing up your children, or you are now in a high-powered corporate job each situation requires a different dress code.

Do you know how to style your body shape?

It really helps if you know how to style your own body shape so you can make the most of your figure. I have an eBook which explains how to find your body shape and then how to style it to become the best version of you. This you can purchase this from my website

Have you ever thought that you might want to re-invent yourself?

So, how do you do that? Where can you get new ideas on how to put outfits together. Firstly, you can follow me on my social media, the links are below as I am always posting colour combinations and style ideas. Think of someone you admire in the public eye who has a similar body shape to you and pinch a few of her ideas. Pinterest and magazines are another good place to look and they often also tell you where you can buy the clothes.


Accessories are another great way to change an outfit. Have you thought about wearing a hat (well I certainly do in this cold weather). Scarves too apart from being warm in the winter they make a great accessory and can be worn in many ways. Shoes and handbags can add colour and style to an outfit. Jewellery particularly costume jewellery can add colour to a plain top and draw the eye up or down.

Most of us do not have as much disposable income to spend on fashion now so it’s about making small tweaks by adding and styling what you do have differently. Let go of what you are no longer wearing so you can see what you have. It makes putting outfits together so much easier.

It is about finding your own sense of style and playing around with ideas and trying different options. Have some fun with it, perhaps get some girlfriends round the more the merrier and the more ideas. Let me know how you get on I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. What advice does the author offer for those with a limited budget for fashion?

    1. I can offer advise on dressing on budget

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