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How shopping in the sales has changed over the years

How shopping in the sales has changed over the years
How shopping in the sales has changed over the years

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a happy new year. I hope you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to what 2023 holds for you. I have always loved shopping in the sales as I love to get a bargain, but it has changed over the years. Here is my take on it.

How shopping in the sales has changed over the years

When my daughter was little (she is 25yrs now) I used to go to the Next sale on Boxing morning early with a friend of mine. I used to buy for her lots of new clothes (sometimes for the next winter) as they were always about half price. We used to go around with a large bag and queue to pay. On arriving home, she would tell me which she wanted to keep and which she did not like. I then returned a few days later. There was always plenty of choice and lots of bargains to be had. It became a ritual very year.

Shopping online in the sales

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like shopping online. So often, I am disappointed when the clothes arrive. This year however the sales online started before Christmas, and of course I had to have a look!!! I did place a couple of orders as I had not been to the shops for a while as I had been away. I found things online that I had not seen in my small M&S in Chelmsford.

Today, (The first day of the sales in store) I only went into a couple of stores, but I have to say there was not much I would want to buy. It looked to me like the stock in store were items that were not selling at full price. There were racks of the same jumper in every size, a good indication to me that there was something not right with them. Perhaps the sizing, cut or material. I did see one jumper that I had ordered that I will be returning, the material was awful which you cannot see online. If you can find a one off in your size these items are the gems to look for.

How to shop in the sales

Now we all love a bargain, but it’s not a bargain if it sits in your wardrobe with the tags on and never worn. I ask myself l would I buy it at the full price if I could afford it?  You should only buy an item after asking yourself these questions.

  • Do I need it?
  • Can I afford it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Is it in one of my best colours?
  • Is it in a style that flatters my figure?
  • Does it make me look and feel fantastic.

What you don’t want to do is buy it because it is cheap, if you cannot answer yes to all the above, do not buy it. Check out the returns policy before you buy so you have an option to return it if you need too. The return period is often a lot shorter (two weeks), so it is important to try the item when you get home. Check that you have something to wear with it as it is not a bargain if you must buy something to go with it.  This item needs to be an asset to your wardrobe and something that you love are going to love wearing.

My tips on how to work the sales

If you don’t need it, or you cannot afford it, you should not buy it. You don’t want to clog up your wardrobe with things that you are not going to wear. How often have you got home with a new top only to find you already have one similar in your wardrobe? We have all done it, either throw the old one away or take the new one back.

Sometimes a sale enables you to buy something you ordinarily could not afford.

Would you buy this sale item at the full price?  Now this is a good one! You must decide if this item is worth it for you at this price. This is often when you can buy items that otherwise would be outside you budget and allows you to buy something of a much better quality than you can normally afford. Therefore, some ladies like to shop in the outlet stores, so they can buy designer clothes at a discount. Bear in mind if the item is expensive but you know that you will get your wear out of it, the price per wear makes it an affordable piece.

Whether you are buying in the sales or at full price each item of clothing must make you look and feel fantastic.  You are building a wardrobe of clothes that you look good in, and make you feel confident. There is no point in buying something just because its cheap as you won’t wear it and it ceases to become a bargain.

I would love to hear your stories of shopping in the sales

I am known in my family as a shopaholic. Yes, I go shopping a lot, but is is my business to know what is around so I can advise my clients. I do not like trying on in the shops because usually I do not have the time. Personally, I like to try on at home so I can see what I have to wear with it. It has to be able to work for me in my wardrobe. By that I mean I like to be able to wear it many different ways, so the item is versatile and gets worn a lot. I hate clothes sitting in my wardrobe that I do not wear.

I would love to hear your stories about shopping in the sales, to pass onto my clients. Please do drop me a line, or comment on this blog, it is good to share.

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  1. What invitation does the author extend to readers regarding sharing their own experiences with sales shopping?

    1. My readers are welcome to share their experiences on shopping in the sales by commenting on the blog post or contacting me direct

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