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Do you always buy the same colour you always have?

Do you always buy the same colour you always have?
Do you always buy the same colour you always have?

Do you always buy the same colour you always have? Just think about this question. You go into a large store and there is a table of jumpers in lots of different colours, are you always drawn to the same colour?

Do you always buy the same colour you always have?

We are a creature of habit, and we tend to buy the same things from the same shops. We do it without thinking about it. Have you ever got home after having treated yourself to a new jumper or top only to find you have one very similar in your wardrobe already? I have must stop myself sometimes when looking to buy something new, I ask myself these questions. Do I need it, and do I have something similar already. Many of my clients prefer to wear black and that is their go to colour as they think it is slimming. Encouraging them to choose colour is not always easy until they can see the difference wearing colour makes.

Why are we drawn to the same colour?

I have fallen victim to this repeatedly. It started with the colour Red and every top I bought was red. I knew which red to buy that suited my skin tone. Every time I wore it, I got compliments, so it was a no brainer. I then transitioned to Orange. Both are vibrant colours that gave me the energy I needed to show up. BUT as a colour consultant should I not be showing that I know my craft and can wear lots of different colours.

I wear all my Spring colours with pride

I wear the full range of Spring colours and I also pinch some of the Autumn ones too and I still get the compliments. At a wedding last month I wore a dress in a moss green which I felt lovely in and got lots of compliments. Wearing the lovely green also go me lots of compliments too. Each day I chose the colours I wear according to how I want to feel and what I am doing. The bright colours when I need the energy and the muted colours for when I need to rest.

How do you break the mould?

We all have our favourite colours, and I am not saying that you cannot continue to wear them. BUT what I am suggesting is you try to wear other too. If you know what season you are and which colours work best for you, try adding those colours to your wardrobe. If not, why not invest in yourself this year and book a Colour Consultation to find our which colours work best for you. Take a look at my website and see what a colour consultation with me involves.

As you mature your style changes

If you read last week’s blog about finding your own style, I talk about how your style changes over the years. You may be drawn to different colours and want to turn down the dimmer switch and wear more muted colours. It is so important to know which colours will work with your skin tone.

After covid-19 so many of the high street stores closed and some of my favourite stores are now only online. I am not a great online shopper as the colours are not always shown as they are in the flesh.

To sum up

Do not be shy about wearing colour and choosing different colours that you do not normally wear. Keep in your colour pallet. If you have a warm skin tone stay with the warm colour and if you have a cool skin tone stay with the cool colours. Have fun with it, try different colour combinations and enjoy the benefits that colour offers. If you need any help with finding your own colour do get in touch.

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2 thoughts on “Do you always buy the same colour you always have?

  1. How does the author suggest finding out which colors complement one’s skin tone?

    1. Hi there one of the services I offer my clients is a colour consultation where you will discover all the colours that will work with your skin tone. Check out the link to see what a session with me involves.

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