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How to make your outfits look expensive

How to make your outfits look expensive
How to make your outfits look expensive

Not many of us have an unlimited budget to spend on clothes and accessories. Do you need to buy designer clothes to look good and polished. No, I do not believe that you do. You just need to know how to put together your clothes to make the best of you. Use what you have and dress your body shape to bring out the best in you and wear colours that work with your skin tone. Read on to find out how to make your outfits look expensive without spending a fortune. By buying wisely you can create a wardrobe that you love and love wearing.

Spend more on the classics.

When you are buying the classic items in your wardrobe you need choose items that will stand the test in time. By that I mean invest in these key pieces as they will be in your wardrobe for many years. When you work out the price per wear, they will not seem expensive. If you are buying a jacket for arguments sake, don’t buy a cheap one spend a little more and invest in a classic one that will last you years. I have a red blazer that has been in my wardrobe for over 20 years and comes out every year. A classic blazer goes fantastically with a pair of jeans for a smart casual look, or for a more of a business look with a pair of smart trousers, or a dress.

Once you have invested in the classic key pieces you can then add some of your cheaper/discounted items. These might be fashionable items that may not be in your wardrobe more than one season, but which can update your look.

Pay attention to detail.

When I am buying in the sales or at discounted stores it is good to pay attention to how they are made. Is there uneven stitching, cheap plastic buttons or crooked zips. These are tell-tale signs of cutting corners and the cost of an item. I do not always let that put me off as you can always change the buttons. Whilst going through my summer clothes I found a linen jacket I have not worn for many years. It is a lovely gold colour, and I did not want to throw it away. It had brown buttons which did not do it any favours and so I have replaced them gold ones, a nice wash and press and I have a new jacket to wear.

Pick the right amount of stretch in your jeans.

When you are buying a pair of jeans these generally are an investment buy because of the number of times you wear them. It is important to choose a pair with the right amount of stretch. Too. much stretch can result in saggy jeans. However, a heavier pair will last longer. To get the most out of your jeans make sure you buy denim that is 98% cotton with 2% elastane. For a more expensive look I think the dark denim is more classic.

Re-evaluate your wardrobe each season.

What do I mean by this? Do not buy or keep clothes that do not fit you. If you have put on weight let,  go of what no longer fits you. (Do not keep until you lose the weight). If you must, put them away out of your wardrobe and if you lose the weight, you can revisit them. Invest in a De-bobbler these are fab for removing the bobbles on your clothes and bringing them up like new.

Invest in some good underwear.

Your underwear is the foundation to the clothes you put on top. As we mature out bodies change shape, and we need to upgrade our underwear too. Have a bra fit regularly so you don’t have those bulges and your bust is in the right place. For larger busted ladies it is important to get the right amount of support. We are looking to get clean lines in your clothes choose a waisted pant or a VPL (Visual panty line). If you are looking at buying a pair that hold you in go up a size.

Add accessories to upgrade your look.

When adding accessories choose items that will add to the look. A good leather belt, handbag, and shoes. Gold or silver jewellery and if you cannot afford the real thing there are lots of alternatives at affordable prices.

Pay attention to your grooming.

To enhance your look there is nothing easier than paying attention to your own personal grooming.  A good hair cut that is easy to manage, makeup that is simple but enhances your face, shaped eyebrows, shaped fingernails, and painted toenails if wearing sandals. All of these things will help to get that polished look.


Ask yourself, when buying something new is this piece going to help me to build the look I love, and will it give my outfit the expensive look? Can I afford it? Do I need it? Will it complement what I already have? is it in the style and colour to suit me? If you ask yourself these questions whilst shopping, you are going to be surprised at how many times you put something back or take out of your basket when shopping online.

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