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Will retail shopping ever be the same again?

Will retail shopping ever be the same again?
Will retail shopping ever be the same again?

Have you ventured to the shops since lock down for some retail therapy? Apart from the social distancing, queuing outside and hand sanitising the shops are not the same as before. Is this the new normal? I don’t mind wearing a mask, using the hand sanitiser, or walking around the store one way but it is a totally different experience now. Will retail shopping ever be the same again?

Will retail shopping ever be the same again?

I have been into town a few times and been into a few stores and yes it is a quite different experience. Hand sanitiser, one-way system, some people are wearing masks, (which will change from next Friday).  In most stores around the till area are clear screens but none of the staff are wearing masks not sure if that will change next week.  Most stores are one in one out, keeping the floor area open. There seems to be plenty of people around and everyone is queuing in an orderly fashion.

For me its all about the stock they are carrying. I guess that as they have not sold a lot of the spring stock at full price, there is a limit as to what they can put into sale. Either that or they can put it back in the warehouse for next year. The sale stock I have seen does not appear to very appealing and you can see why they are in the sale.

Will retail shopping ever be the same again?

It goes without saying that you are unable to try any clothes on.  Therefore, you have to take home and return if they are no good. I am not too bothered about that as I tend to do that anyway.  Any returns have to stay in the warehouse for a while before they go back onto the rail.

Try shopping at the small Independent Shops

This is where the small retailer can benefit. I went to Jojoblue Danbury  last week, a small independent boutique, and everything anyone tried on was put aside, and steamed before she put back on the rail.  My friend and I were able to try clothes on before buying. This for me made the girly shopping trip, more like they used to. I will look to shop in the small independent stores and support local traders.

What about grabbing yourself a bargain in the sales?

Now there are so many sales and offers on everywhere, but just make sure you are really getting a good buy. Now we all like a bargain, but it is not a bargain

  • If you do not need it,  
  • You can not afford it
  • It does not fit properly,
  • If it is the wrong colour or style for you
  • If you have nothing to go with it.

There is no point buying something just because it is cheap!!   Ask yourself, “Would you buy it at full price?”  

Make sure you are purchasing something that you love and know you are going to love wearing otherwise it is not a bargain. My number one rule is do not buy anything unless you already have three things in your wardrobe to wear with it.

Would you prefer to shop online?

I know a lot of my clients like to shop online and are happy to send back anything they do not like. I hate the way it arrives all screwed up in a plastic bag, the colours are never true to the colours online. Sizing is always an issue which means you have to order several sizes and invariably I end up returning and feel very disappointed. So this is guess is a personal choice.

Will retail shopping ever be the same again?

I would be interested to hear you views on how you are going to be buying your clothes going forward. Please comment below, message or email me your thoughts I would love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Will retail shopping ever be the same again?

  1. I’m not in the fashion trade but am in retail. I don’t think retail will be the same again. And I think a lot of independent retailers will be thinking long and hard as to whether the business has changed so much that it’s no longer their dream or passion.
    This is certainly not how I want to spend my days, lots of the fun gone, a big decrease in spend and more challenging customers than ever. Life is always a balance but at the moment the balance isn’t encouraging.

    1. I agree with you, and I think so many people have been enjoying shopping online instead although that is not something I like to do.

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