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What are your views to wearing face coverings in shops?

What are your views to wearing face coverings in shops?
What are your views to wearing face coverings in shops?

I have been wearing a face mask whenever I go into a shop from the beginning of lock down, but I am surprised at the number of people who do not. As from today it is now law that we do, and there is a fine of £100.00 for anyone not wearing one. Who is going to enforce this? Will it be the security/ shop owners, or shop staff? I cannot see that the police with have enough capacity to be patrolling the shops. What are your views to wearing face coverings in shops?

What are your views to wearing face coverings in shops?

The one I am wearing here matches a skirt I bought and is like an infinity scarf that you pull over your head. You can then lift it up over your face when you go into a shop. The material is very thin, and I am not sure how effective it is, other than the fact that I have my face covered. (and it does match one of my outfits)!!

Up and till now I have been wearing a black mask that I bought on Amazon at the beginning. It is lined in white with a flap to put in a filter which we did, and it felt very secure. I washed it on my return from the shops and ironed with a hot iron. Now that we are going into shops more often, I guess that we are going to need more than one.

What are your views to wearing face coverings in shops?

Personally, I do not find them comfortable as wearing glasses, as you breath hot air into the mask it goes up into the glasses. This in turn steams them up and then you cannot see a thing. If I wear my contact lenses that works better.  Then I must put my reading glasses on to read the price of anything. Someone told me to put toothpaste on the glasses and wash off and it stops them from steaming up but I have not tried that yet.

Make a statement with your face covering

It looks like we will be wearing a face covering for some time to come so we might as well have some fun with it. My take on this is, make it funky or part of the outfit.  Today I have ordered a couple of coloured reversible masks which I thought I would try. As we go into cooler weather, I can see that a snood type scarf might be a good option.

I guess it is just a case of tying out a few ideas and find and what works for you. Yesterday I saw a man with a hanky tied around his face and some odd- looking tied scarves, but I guess if your face is covered that is all that matters.

How do you care for you reusable face covering?

Apparently, I have heard that you do not have to wash them in hot water as the  detergent kills the bacteria. Using a hot iron can be just as effective. Therefore, we decided to use the reusable ones that I could wash or iron rather than disposal ones.

Disposable Masks

So far, we have found the disposable masks to be expensive. Sainsbury’s were selling them £8.00 for ten, and as they are disposable and only worn once, would not last long. You may be able to get them online from China cheaper of course but must wait for delivery.

What have you tried?

I would be interested to hear from you with your view on wearing a face covering. Are you happy to do so? and if so, what type are you wearing? It would be nice to share some different ideas.

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