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Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe?
Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe? This is an interesting one, as you will find items that you did not realise you had. This often happens when you are decluttering. Have you ever bought a new top, only to find when you get home, that you already have a similar one in your wardrobe?

Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

Now we are unable to go shopping into stores which I really miss. The whole experience of going shopping with a friend looking around the shops. Stopping for coffee or lunch, it is the whole experience I miss. When choosing a new item for my wardrobe, I like to look at the colour, material. The fit all of which we are unable to do. I am not a great lover of shopping online as the colours are not always the same. I end up ordering several sizes to find the right size so the whole pleasure is taken away.

Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

As times are quiet different and perhaps, we may not have the funds now to buy new clothes, why not look at what you already have. This week I found a jumper that I forgot that I had as it had got put to the bottom of a pile. Whilst you are doing this it is good opportunity to look at what you no longer wear. It is a good idea to break this down and say start with jumpers. Get out all your jumpers and lay them on the bed and discard the following.

  • Any that are worn out.
  • Ones that do not fit you anymore.
  • Jumpers that no longer make you look and feel good.
  • Items that are not in your colour or no longer fit your style.

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.

What are you left with should be jumpers that you love and love wearing?  If they do  not fall into that category, ask yourself. Would you have bought it today? If the answer is no, then let them go. Now we must look at what we have to wear with these items.

Try styling your clothes in different ways

So often we choose to wear the same top with the same bottom as we know that they work well together. How about thinking differently and mixing things up a bit. Have a look in your wardrobe and find as many bottoms as you can to go with one top. If you have had your colours done you should find this quite easy, as you will have bought in your colour pallet and they will all work with each other. For details about a Colour Consultation please follow this link to my website   The jumper you have chosen is in your favourite colour, you will have other tops in blue you can wear with the same bottoms.

Now look for some jewellery or a scarf to wear with this outfit. Here you might have several pieces that would work with this jumper as it is in your favourite colour. You can style this same jumper in several ways, to get a different look. People will think you are wearing something new, just because of the way you styled it. Look at a previous blog “Dress for zoom land – one jumper five different looks” for some ideas.

Have you ever thought about shopping your own wardrobe?

I think most women have too many clothes in their wardrobes and so they are unable to see what they do have. Sometimes we buy something to go with a new item without looking at what we already have. We have all done it me included, and so how do we remedy this. Firstly, when purchasing something new, think about what you already have in your wardrobe that it will go with. If you have nothing in your wardrobe that it goes with, the chances are you need to question what you are buying.

How about doing a wardrobe cleanse?

As I said previously, we all have too many clothes in our wardrobes, perhaps its time to let go of what you no longer wear. If lockdown has taught me anything, it is we do not need the volume of clothes that we have. I have taken loads of bags to the charity shops and streamlined what I have. This means you can see what you own, which makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. In fact, it is not just my wardrobe I have decluttered. I have worked through the whole house even the garage in the first lock down. You will so much better when it is done.

My challenge to you

Look in your wardrobe for those hidden gems, items of clothing that you had forgotten about and not worn for ages. Then, re-style it in a different way to which you used to wear it. You will find it will come out fresh and people will think that it is new. I would be interested to see how you get on please do message me with your results I would love to hear from you.

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