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How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.

How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.
How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.

It is very cold out there this week with the snow, particularly with that very cold wind. Having a dog, we must venture out whatever the weather, wind, rain, or snow. This is a good thing as we do need to get some exercise and I love being out in nature. However, I still like to look and feel nice even when it is cold. Here are my tips on how to keep stylish and warm in the cold weather.

How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.

If you are outside in the cold, I like to add a scarf like these here. These are handmade and ethically sourced and made 100% viscose which is ideal for anyone who is allergic to wool. They are nice and warm and long enough to wear wrapped right around your neck as you can see in this picture. I have them for sale on my website my Facebook or Instagram Shops for £26.95 each and they make a perfect gift to yourself.

I think that a scarf on your winter coat really can brighten it up. The day I took this picture it was not as cold as it is now, but it really is nice and warm worn inside your coat. The beauty of these is they have many colours and can be worn with lots of different coats and jumpers. As I have said in my recent blogs colour really can make you better so embrace colour to lift your mood.

How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.

So that is the outside sorted what about underneath? Layers is the way to go, in this weather, I always wear a thermal vest and usually a long- sleeved t shirt, or a lightweight roll neck under my jumper. Thermal underwear is not like it used to be. You can get some really nice things now. Marks & Spencer do a range of long-sleeved tops and roll necks that are good and wash well. I do feel the cold, but there is nothing worse than being cold. You can always take a layer off if you get warm. Cardigans, shackets, and body warmers are also a love of mine as they too add warmth. The drawback with a shacket or body warmer is they are very casual, so it depends on the look you are going for.

How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.
How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.

How to keep stylish and warm in this cold weather.

This is one of my favourite cardigans and it is in the most gorgeous orange red which is my signature colour. This I purchased from a boutique in Danbury  I bought it before this lock down and my husband gave it to me for Christmas. Here I have styled it with a scarf that I have hanging just under the lapel which looks nice. It really does bring out the colour of the cardigan.

This looks great with a nice skirt long or short and for a casual look I wear it with jeans it really has been a versatile buy.

Accessories can really bring an outfit together.

As I have said scarves make a great accessory and keep you warm too, but what can you do about your feet. There is so much choice out there for footwear, from trainers, boots, walking boots and wellies if you are doing a lot of wet walking. Choose things that light you up, I love the colourful wellies that are available. Socks you can get some lovely funky socks if you are wearing a trainer. Have fun with it and bring out your playful side.

Keep your head warm with a stylish hat.

I am not really a hat person because I have a small head and so many do not fit me. I wear one in the sun of course and that is always a nightmare getting one to stay on. Winter hats are a lot easier. I have a lovely bright orange bobble hat that I wear when walking the dog and also my Vera hat for when it rains. What is a Vera hat I hear you ask?  It looks like the one the detective Vera wears.  Navy blue brimmed hat in an outdoor material and it works beautifully for keeping off the rain and it seems to stay on.

There are a lot of other styles out there which are more stylish. As I said for a small head it is not always easy. I would love to wear a flat cap or baker boy hat but have not managed to get one to fit yet. What kind of hat do you where? I would love your feedback.

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