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Does your wardrobe have too many clothes? Time for a declutter?

Does your wardrobe have too many clothes? Time for a declutter?
Does your wardrobe have too many clothes? Time for a declutter?

Is your wardrobe bulging with clothes? Can you not see the wood from the trees? Perhaps it time to have a re-sort and get rid of what you are no longer wearing. Most adults wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Now that tells you something. We must all have too many clothes in our wardrobe that we are no longer wearing. Sounds easy? Well, it is not rocket science, but sometimes it is difficult to let go of things that have an emotional attachment.

The negatives of too many clothes

  • You don’t know where to start when looking to put together an outfit.
  • This gives you overwhelm as you cannot see what you do have.
  • There are probably duplicates of what you do have.
  • Putting outfits together is difficult.
  • The wardrobe is too full, so the clothes are very creased when removed.
  • It is difficult to find what you are looking for.


The positives of a streamlined wardrobe.

  • You can see everything that you have.
  • The wardrobe can be colour co-ordinated.
  • Clothes can be put into categories (all your dresses together, trousers etc).
  • The only clothes in there are ones you love and love wearing.
  • Everything fits you perfectly and in your best colours and style for you.

Time for a de-clutter?

If you do have a high volume of clothes firstly split your summer and winter wardrobe. When the weather changes in the Spring that is when I put my winter clothes away and get out my summer clothes. This is the time to check what you are putting in your wardrobe for this summer and discarding what you think you are no longer going to wear.

So, what must go?

  • Clothes that are worn and past their sell by date
  • Items that no longer fit you
  • Pieces that you no longer love and love to wear.
  • Items that are not in one of your colours or styles suitable to you.
  • If you have replaced your black trousers let your old ones go. (You do not need too many duplicates).

Where do you start?

Some people start by taking out everything out of the wardrobes and working through all the clothes. This can seem a little daunting and often leads to some not completing and giving up. I would suggest that you start small, say a chest of drawers, or a section of your wardrobe.  Tackling small sections at a time is more achievable.

Make four piles

  • Items that are worth selling on (eBay, Vinted or similar)
  • Items that can be repurposed or amended
  • Charity shop
  • Rubbish

What if I cannot let something go?

Some clothes can hold an emotional attachment which makes letting them go very difficult. If that is the case, you can take a photograph of it as a memory, or put in a way somewhere in a case under the bed. You can visit this bag at any time, but if in say six months you have not missed it you then might be in a better place to let it go.

One thing that I suggest to my clients to identify which items you are not wearing is turn around all your hangers in your wardrobe. As you wear your clothes, put them back in the wardrobe the other way round. This way at the end of the season you will see what you have not worn. If you would like some more ideas check out my Pinterest board.

How will I feel afterwards?

You will feel fabulous afterwards, it’s a great feeling to have let go everything you no longer need. Some of you items you may have been able to sell so you have some cash to put towards something new. Others you have given away to friends or a charity now get a new lease of life with someone else. Some items you may have been able to repurpose and make into something that you will wear. Even the clothes that end up in the rubbish pile can be sold as rags. It is a win win situation.

To conclude

I hope that this has given you some ideas on how to declutter and let go of things you no longer need. Do not stop at your wardrobe you can work your way through your house. If you need any help or advise, please do get in touch.

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2 thoughts on “Does your wardrobe have too many clothes? Time for a declutter?

  1. There are some great tips here Sandra! I don’t have a lot of clothes but even so, making room will invite more of what I love to come in!

  2. You are so true Rosemary, if there is no room in your wardrobe how can you attract more. Thank you for your comment.

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