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When you are not looking to buy anything and find a gem.

When you are not looking to buy anything and find a gem.
When you are not looking to buy anything and find a gem.
When you are not looking to buy anything and find a gem.

When you are not looking to buy anything that is usually when you do see something you like. This happened to me recently, Bob and I often walk into town with our dog Rosie and stop for coffee before walking home again. Last week I just popped into John Lewis to go to the toilet before walking back and guess what? At the top of the escalators was a sale rail of dresses. This one was screaming at me, so a quick call to Bob to let him know I was trying it on. When you are not looking to buy anything and find a gem.

When you are not looking to buy anything and find a gem.

These are my favourite colours, and it is so nice to be able to find a dress that is this length. I also have a problem with dresses with a waist as I am long waisted, so this works perfectly. I love button through dresses and particularly this “A” line style as it suits my column figure. Yes, it is a bit shorted than I usually wear but as a holiday dress I think I can get away with it.

August/September is a difficult time to shop.

This is not the best time to shop as the sales are on the way out, and the winter stock is coming in. I still want to stay in summer clothes for as long as I can and not in the mood to look at jumpers. Having said that it is a good time to start looking at what is coming into the shops to start planning your winter wardrobe. I am fortunate that I have a couple of short trips in September where I will hopefully be able to wear my summer clothes.

Start looking at what you have not worn, and which can be let go of.

This afternoon I have been looking through my wardrobe primarily looking to see what I want to pack to go away. We are off on a city break to Budapest with my sister and husband who are over from South Africa now. It looks like it is warm there so looking forward to wearing my summer items that have not had much wear in this English summer we have had.

Whilst I was going through my clothes, I was looking to see what I have not worn this season that I can let go of. I like to work on one in one out of the wardrobe. I don’t want to clog up my wardrobe with things I am not wearing as you can’t see what you do have and that makes getting dressed more difficult.

Clearing the clutter makes you feel lighter.

Why would you want to hold onto things that no longer bring you joy? If they are taking up room in your wardrobe and not getting worn it is time to let them go. I have written several blogs about this, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to do. When you have less in your wardrobe it makes getting dressed and choosing outfits so much easier. What you are letting go of will be someone else’s gem. My next blog is going to be about sites you can buy pre-loved clothes from as this is an increasing market.

Most women have too many clothes and wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. We need to turn that around and be wearing all of your wardrobe.

Where can you buy pre-loved clothes?

If you know of any sites that sell pre-loved clothes, I would love to hear from you. I am going to do some research, as personally I have not been lucky on finding much locally in charity shops. Some of these sites are selling all brands including designer items at great prices. This will make an interesting blog, so watch this space.

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