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De-clutter your home – De-clutter your life.

De-clutter your home - De-clutter your life.
De-clutter your home – De-clutter your life.

We have all heard of Spring Cleaning and this is that time of year. The weather has been getting me down, so much rain and so many wet walks, I just cannot wait for spring to arrive. I have seen the first signs of spring with the spring flowers and can’t wait for things to warm up. Whilst we are waiting for the warmer weather why not start the spring cleaning. De-clutter your home – De-clutter your life. I have chosen this picture as a memory of time in the sunshine at my friend’s apartment in Spain.

De-clutter your home – De-clutter your life.

Marie Kondo suggests we start with the clothes, followed by books, documents, and then everything else. I am going to talk about the wardrobe.

Before you pack your winter clothes away.

First, look at your winter clothes, when you are having trouble closing the drawers or moving your hangers along the rail this is time to let some go. A good way to do this is turn all your hangers around in your wardrobe and every time you take something out to wear, put it back the right way. This way you will see what you are wearing. You cannot do that with your drawers, but you may find the things at the bottom are not worn as much as the ones nearer the top.

Before you wash and put away your winter clothes look at what you have, and let go, what you have not worn, or is past its sell by date, by that I mean, things that are wearing out.

Look at your Spring/Summer clothes.

Before you start buying any spring clothes you need to look at what you have. This way you will find any gaps that you have in your wardrobe and can buy those rather than ad hoc items that you don’t need.

When deciding what to let go, hold the item and ask yourself, does this make me look and feel fantastic? Try it on and look in the mirror. If you are not feeling it, let it go. Don’t worry that you may have paid a lot for it, and feel you should keep it, because if you are not wearing it, it is not serving you, only clogging up the wardrobe. You can work through your wardrobe in whichever way works for you. One drawer at a time, or the whole lot in one day. If something is just worn out, ie T/shirts don’t always last lots of seasons, let them go and replace them. If you answer know to any of the following, think about letting it go.

  • Is it in one of my colours?
  • Does the style flatter my figure?
  • Can it be re-purposed or altered?

If you really cannot let an item go for emotional reasons you could take a photograph of the item, or take it out of your wardrobe all together and put away somewhere and re-visit it in six months when then you might be able to let it go.

What can I do with unwanted clothes?

There are a number of things you can do with unwanted clothes, but I think what you have to bear in mind is that by passing on something that no longer serves you, will be someone else’s gem. If you look in charity/pre-loved shops you will see new items sometimes with tags on that perhaps someone bought only to find they did not lose the weight to get into it. So what can I do with my unwanted clothes.

  • Sell yourself on Vinted, eBay, pre-loved stores or similar.
  • Charity Shops.
  • Pass to a friend or have a swopping event.
  • Rags bag.
  • Rubbish.

So now you have put away only winter clothes that you know you will wear next year. You can also see in your spring/summer wardrobe what needs to be replaced or where there are gaps. You can now shop purposely for things you need and that will work with what you already have.

Now you can move onto other areas of your life.

As I said in the beginning any de-cluttering starts with your clothes, but you can move through your house and do the same. I have heard all sorts of stories of people clearing out their office and new business starts flooding in the doors. Look at your emails and unsubscribe for ones that no longer interest you. Make files for to file emails you need to keep but don’t need in your current in box. I never realised until recently that if your office/house is cluttered it effects how you feel. The same goes for your mind, don’t get me on that one, I am fascinated how the brain works.

I have been struggling like a lot of other people with this constant rain, wet cold damp dull days. (I am sitting in front of my sad light writing this blog). I decided to use this time for some spring cleaning of my house including what is going on in my head, so perhaps you could do the same.

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