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My tips on how to dress your changing body shape.

My tips on how to dress your changing body shape.
My tips on how to dress your changing body shape.

Our style changes as we get older, and our lives change. You may have had a corporate job and needed to be booted suited. Perhaps you now work from home, so you no longer need to wear a suit. You may be retired or working less hours so need a different kind of outfit. Either way you need to find your own sense of style and to wear clothes that not only look good but make you feel good too. Here are my tips on how to dress your changing body shape.

My tips on how to dress your changing body shape

Our bodies do change shape in our mid-life, it could be the menopause which causes our bodies to redistribute the weight, or it could be a change of lifestyle or just maturing. Either way it is about learning how to dress your new body shape in a flattering way rather than just covering up.

Choose clothes that show off your new shape.

With an expanding waistline I have seen ladies start to wear large and baggy clothes to camouflage a larger tummy area, but this can sometimes make you just look bigger all over. Check out one of my previous blogs with my tips on how to camouflage your tummy area.

Some clients have grown a larger bust (something I would love to have done) and perhaps you were straight up and down before. Now is your chance to wear different tops to what you used to. A wrap style top or dress works very well if you have a good-sized bust. Your clothes need to work harder for you, so you need to adapt your style to your new shape. Choose clothes that enhance your shape and play up your good points.

My tips on how to dress your changing body shape.
My tips on how to dress your changing body shape.

Understand your body shape.

It is important to understand what body shape you have and learn how to dress it too, bringing out the best in you. If you need help with that, I have an eBook available on my website which explains how to define your body shape, and  how to make the most of it. You can purchase the eBook for £7.99 on my website.

Know your style personality

This is something I go into detail with on a style consultation as it is important to know.  It makes choosing outfits so much easier. Are you a classic dresser, or perhaps a more sportier lady who loves easy to wear clothes in soft draping fabrics? This also follows on and enables you to define your own style.

Inject some colour into your wardrobe.

I see so many ladies as they age turning down the amount of colour they wear. Just because your hair has gone grey you don’t need to wear grey too. In fact, if you have decided to embrace the grey in your hair that’s great but don’t wear grey as well as you will look all grey. Grey is a great base colour, and most colours will work well with the grey. I am a great believer that wearing colour really can make you look and feel better. Why would you want to blend in anyway? Everyone can be the best version of themselves and to look and feel fabulous.

Become the best version of you

Embrace your new body shape and the next phase of your life. Let’s face it, you would not want to be dressing in the same way you did in your 20′ in your 50’s or 60’s. There is a way to love your body for what it is and learn to make the most of it. Your aim is to build a wardrobe of clothes that you love, and love wearing for the way they make you look and feel. This will give you confidence to be who you want to be and go out into the world happy in your skin knowing that you look fabulous. If you need any help, please do get in touch. Feel free to subscribe to my mail list or follow me on social media the links are below.

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