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Colour yourself happy by choosing colour to enhance your mood

Colour yourself happy by choosing colour to enhance your mood
Colour yourself happy by choosing colour to enhance your mood

Use colour to enhance your mood. Colour brings out the best in you and makes you look and feel fabulous. Therefore, so many ladies choose to have a colour analysis done. Yes, it is an investment in you, but who does not want to look and feel fabulous. Wearing colour can change the way you feel, some colours will deplete your energy whilst others will give you energy. Colour yourself happy by choosing colour to enhance your mood.

Understand the benefits of wearing colour

After a trained as a Colour and Style Coach and the more that I understood about colour the more I wanted to know the true benefits of wearing colour. I decided to do a Colour Therapy Training to understand the reasons why some colours were energy giving and others were not. I know that many ladies like to wear black as they think that it is slimming and yes, it is, but there are so many other colours that will do the same. Black is a very negative colour and can deplete your energy. It is also a colour of authority and can make others wary of approaching you. If you have to wear a black suit for work, I suggest that you wear some colourful underwear of accessorise with some colour in jewellery in a scarf.

Colours to wear to feel calm.

Think of doctors and hospitals they are always painted in a soothing pale green or blue for a reason. This is to keep patients calm before an appointment. If you are going on a long hall flight and want to be able to sleep part of the way you need to wear light calming colours. If you choose to wear a bright red track suit you will not be able to rest and get any sleep.

Colours to give you energy.

Bright red and orange are particularly high energy colours but for some people will be too bright for them to wear. If you turn down the colour, say from orange to peach that will be enough for some. You don’t only have to wear the colour on top. You can wear it in your underwear, or socks in your boots if you feel you need that energy. If you have high blood pressure bright red is probably not the best colour for you.

All colours have an energy

Some people are more aware of the energies around them. My trainer told me a story about a disabled client who she took personal shopping. This lady was partially sighted and was in a wheelchair. She gave this client lots of different coloured tops to try on and she came out of the fitting room and said she would take the lot. She said that her carer only buys her black and now she has experienced how wearing colour makes her feel, she never wants to wear black again. How powerful is that, she felt different wearing the different colours.

Colour yourself happy by choosing colour to enhance your mood
Colour yourself happy by choosing colour to enhance your mood

Look for different colour combinations

When I am looking for inspiration for colour combinations I think of nature as nature never gets it wrong. I was out last weekend and saw this flower bed with purple and orange together and I thought wow that would make a great combination. Would you choose to wear these colours together? if you did not want to wear that level of colour you could turn the volume down. Dark purple trousers with a orange or peach top. If nature can do it so can you.

It is fun to have a play and try with what you have in your wardrobe. Look for different colour combinations that you have not tried before.

Find the right colours for you

Have you ever thought of having a colour consultation? Finding out the right colours for you can be life changing as it for one lady who came up to me at an event.  Jane was working in a corporate company and kept getting overlooked for promotion.  After a colour consultation it all changed. Jane went from wearing a boring black suit to work every day to finding her own sense of style, wearing colour. Blending in was a thing of the past and she started to get noticed. One promotion after the other which she put down to the confidence she had gained from wearing the right colours.

Find out the benefits of a colour consultation

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